Install APM Insight Java Agent in JOnAS 4.x servers & above

  • Download latest the APM Insight java agent zip file ( here.
  • Extract the zip file to a new directory to find agent jar and its configuration files.
  • Open the apminsight.conf file in any text editor and include the following keys:
    license.key=[LICENSE KEY][HOST]:[PORT]/


    To learn more about the agent configurations, visit our Configuration Guide page.
  • For Windows, open <JONAS_ROOT>\bin\jonas.bat in any text editor and add the following entry at the top and save the file.
set JONAS_OPTS=%JONAS_OPTS% -javaagent:<agent_directory_full_path>/apminsight-javaagent.jar
  • For Linux, open <JONAS_ROOT>/bin/jonas in any text editor and append the following value to JONAS_OPTS variable