Node.js Agent Configuration Options

The APM Insight Node.js Agent Configuration file helps you fine tune the configuration for tracking web based transactions. These settings can be configured from the web client.

ConfigurationDescriptionDefault Value

Apdex threshold

  • Application Performance Index (simply called Apdex) is measurement of an Application's Performance ranging from 0 to 1.
  • Detailed information about Apdex can be found at
  • If any transaction response time scores values below the apdex.threshold value, the transaction is labeled as Satisfied.
  • If any transaction response time scores above four times the apdex.threshold, the transaction is labeled as Frustrated.
  • If it is exactly equal to apdex.threshold or in between satisfied and frustrated threshold value it is labeled as Tolerating.

0.5 (Second)

Sampling factor

  • A kind of sampling. If said 20, APM Insight will only track request after every 20 requests of same kind. i.e it will track 1st, 21st, 41st.. request of its kind.

1 (request)

Capture database SQL queries

  • Enabling this option will listen to all SQL Queries which gets executed.
  • If this option is disabled, no Database Metrics will be collected.


Parametrize SQLs in transaction trace

  • Enabling this option will parametrize all SQL Queries in Slow Transaction Traces.(if Capture database SQL queries is set to true and Enable transaction tracing is set to true)
  • Disabling this option will give you the real query (with parameters).
  • It is recommended to enable this option if there are queries getting executed using confidential parameters like credit card number, passwords, etc.


Stacktrace threshold for SQLs in transaction trace

  • Enabling this option will collect the stacktrace whenever any sql query executed above this threshold time value.

3 (Second)

Enable transaction tracing

  • Enabling this option will construct Trace for Slow Transactions.
  • You can view the traces collected in Applications Manger APM Insight Page by selecting Traces tab


Transaction tracing threshold

  • Trace of any transaction whose response time scoring above the specified threshold value will be collected, provided if transaction.trace.enabled is set to true.
  • The trace can be used to analyze, troubleshoot the transaction working.

2 (Seconds)