Delete Monitor API

This API is used to delete a monitor.

Sample Request


Request Parameters

The parameters involved in executing this API request are:

apikey The key generated using the Generate API Key option in the 'Admin' tab.
resourceid The resource id of the monitor that needs to be deleted. You may also add multiple resourceids to delete multiple monitors.



Multiple resourceid can be given as comma separated.To delete multiple monitors:


Example Output:

<AppManager-response uri="/AppManager/xml/DeleteMonitor">
      <response method="DeleteMonitor">
         <message>The monitor deleted successfully.</message>

If the API is not executed correctly, the request will fail and errors will be shown as given below:

<AppManager-response uri="/AppManager/xml/DeleteMonitor">
      <response response-code="4004">
         <message>The specified apikey [ "+apiKey+" ] in the request is invalid. Kindly login to Applications Manager and check for the key in generate key in Admin tab.</message>

Refer this page for a list of common error conditions.