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Creating a New Monitor

Once a new Monitor Group is created, the Monitors such as WebLogic Server, JBoss Server, Tomcat Server, WebSphere Server, MySQL DB Server, Oracle DB Server, Mail Server, etc. must be created. This discovers the Monitor from the network and starts collecting data for monitoring.

You have to create a Monitor to discover it from the network and monitor it. This can be done by following any of the options given below:

  • All Monitors in a host.
  • A specific Monitor in a host.
  • All Monitors in a network
  • The displayname of the monitor can have any alphanumeric characters except for the following:
    • The following reserved characters:
      • < (less than)
      • > (greater than)
      • : (colon)
      • " (double quote)
      • ' (single quote)
      • / (forward slash)
      • \ (backslash)
      • ? (question mark)
      • % (percentage)
      • * (asterisk)
      • ` (backtick)
    • Integer value zero, sometimes referred to as the ASCII NUL character.
  • If there is a problem while creating new monitors, click on Diagnose link to troubleshoot the problem.

All Monitors in a Host

To discover all Monitors running on a host, create them using the All Monitors option. Follow the given steps for discovering the Monitor:

  1. Select New Monitor.
  2. Choose All Services.
  3. Provide the hostname, where all the monitors running on this host will be discovered. You can also discover monitors in multiple hosts by providing the hostname, separated by commas. (Note: This will start discovering in the default port of the Monitor.)
  4. Enter the Subnet Mask of the network.
  5. Click Add Monitor(s).
Note: Adding any service will also automatically add that server and other applications in the default port in that server.
How To Demos: Have a look at our demo on creating Monitors in our website.