ManageEngine Applications Manager is an on-premise application performance monitoring software that monitors heterogeneous business applications and their underlying infrastructure components. The product supports multiple application types such as web applications, application servers, web servers, databases, network services, servers, middleware and messaging components, ERP software, virtual systems, and cloud resources. It provides remote business management to the applications or resources in the network. It is a powerful tool for system and network administrators, helping them monitor any number of applications or services running in the network without much manual effort.

Applications Manager offers out-of-the-box discovery, availability, health, performance and fault management, and reporting of multi-vendor applications.

Alarms are generated to notify the faults in the application and are configured to trigger actions, such as notifying the user through e-mail, SMS, trap, executing a command and invoking a MBean operation. Through alarms, you can identify the root cause of any problem in the network with just a few clicks. Additionally, the flexible architecture of the Applications Manager allows you to manage any application (J2EE or J2SE) that exposes management information via JMX or SNMP through custom applications.

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