Key Features

The following are some of the key features of Applications Manager. Apart from the following applications, you can also monitor your own custom applications via scripts. It will be added as a New Monitor Type.

Feature Description

Application Server Monitoring

Microsoft .NET, GlassFish, JBoss and Wildfly, Jetty Servers, Oracle Application Servers, Resin Server, SilverStream , Tomcat Servers, VMware vFabric tc Servers, WebLogic Servers, WebSphere Servers, Apache Geronimo and also web-based applications such as Servlets, JSP and EJB of the application servers.

Middleware / Portal Monitoring

Monitors WebLogic Integration, IBM WebSphere MQ, Microsoft Office Sharepoint, Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) servers, Microsoft BizTalk, Microsoft Skype for Business Server, Oracle Tuxedo, Azure Service Bus, Apache HBase and Apache Kafka.

SAP Monitoring

Monitors the performance of SAP Servers and SAP CCMS servers.

Oracle EBS Monitoring

Monitors the modules of Oracle E-Business Suite.

APM Insight Monitoring

Comprehensive end-to-end monitoring of Java, Ruby on Rails and .NET web transactions. Provides an indepth view into the performance metrics of all components starting from URLs to SQLs and transaction trace histories.

Virtualization Monitoring

Monitor VMware ESX/ESXi servers, Microsoft Hyper-V servers and their guest virtual machine instances. Support for monitoring Citrix XenServer, XenApp, Docker and virtual infrastructure components such as data center and cluster through vCenter.

Cloud Apps Monitoring

Support for monitoring Amazon EC2 & RDS instances, attached EBS volumes, Amazon S3 and Amazon SNS. Windows Azure monitor enables users to collect diagnostic data for the applications deployed in Windows Azure platform. Monitor Microsoft 365 applications, including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Skype for Business.

Database Monitoring

Supports monitoring of MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, IBM DB2, DB2 for i, Sybase, MS SQL, CouchBase, PostgreSQL and NoSQL database monitoring for Memcached, Cassandra, MongoDB, IBM Informix, Redis servers.

Host Resource Monitoring

Monitors the performance of Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP Unix, Tru64, Mac OS, Unix, IBM AIX, IBM i, Novell and FreeBSD servers. Also monitors Event Logs for Windows and Windows Server Clusters.

Java Runtime Monitor

Provides out-of-the-box remote monitoring and management on the Java platform and of applications that run on it.

File System Monitor

Monitors changes in the selected files and directories.

Windows Performance Counters

Monitors windows performance counter values through WMI.

Ping Monitor

Checks for availability of a device, server or network device.

Script Monitoring

Ad-hoc Windows/Linux custom scripts, used in-house can be managed from the same web console.

Services Monitoring

Monitors Services such as FTP, DNS, SFTP, Hadoop, Telnet, RMI adaptor, TCP port, JMX Applications, Ping, SNMP, Active Directory, LDAP, Apache Solr and Ceph Storage.

Mail Servers Monitoring

Monitors Mail servers (including SMTP servers and POP servers) and Microsoft Exchange Server.

WebServices Monitoring

Monitors Apache, IIS,PHP,SSL Certificate,Web Services (SOAP), nginx and other webservers.

End User Experience Monitoring

Provides the ability to measure the experience of your end users. Includes support for Real Browser Monitor, DNS, Ping, LDAP and Mail Server monitors.

HTTP URL Monitoring

Monitors any HTTP or HTTPS -based URL of web pages.

Custom Application Management

Groups data sources from multiple resources and displays them in a common place. The data sources can be JMX MBeans and SNMP agents.

Root Cause Analysis

Provides details on the different severity levels by identifying its reason/cause.

Fault Management

Sends 'Alarms' based on the monitored attributes. These can be escalated through e-mail / SMS /trap/ MBean Operation/ execute a program.

Performance Reports

The performance of the monitored application is depicted in the form of graphs and charts for easy analysis. Its powerful reporting mechanism enables you to analyze the trends over a period. Scheduling of reports is also possible.

Graphical Representation of Attribute Statistics

The attribute details are represented through graphs that provides an easy approach to understand the "attribute vs time" statistics for one hour. Also the icons and provided in the graphs represent details about the statistics for 7 days and 30 days respectively.

Intuitive Web Client

Allows you to perform admin activities through Web browser interface. You can also monitor and view attributes such as the health and availability of the monitors.

Holistic view to Monitor Group

Manages a wide range of business applications and network services. It provides you the flexibility to group the application and its related services to be monitored as a single unit.

Mobile Web/iPhone App

An optimized view of applications being monitored for all types of smart phones available in the market.

Business Service Management

Helps the Manager to have an integrated high-level view of the Business Infrastructure. Location intelligence is added via World Map Business View.

Scalable Architecture

It's scalable architecture provides you the ability to monitor a variety of Monitors. It uses a blend of both agent-based monitoring and agent-less monitoring depending on the need.

Product Integration

Integration with ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus and Site24x7.

Website Content Monitoring

Monitor your websites for defacement, modification and malicious insertions and be notified promptly during a hack detection. Manage six basic HTML elements - Text, Script, Image, Anchor, Iframe and Link.