IBM Informix Database Monitoring

IBM Informix - An Overview

IBM Informix is one of the industry's most widely used database servers with a comprehensive set of high availability options, high levels of performance, data replication capabilities, scalability and minimal administrative overhead for both simple and complex IT infrastructures. Applications Manager performs effective monitoring, which is very critical in Informix administration, to collect system and database performance stats, session details and to identify problems at an early stage for proactive troubleshooting and performance tuning.

Creating a new Informix monitor

Supported versions of Informix Server: Informix 10.x & above.

Prerequisite: Click here to know about the user previleges and other necessary prerequisites to monitor IBM Informix database.

To create an Informix Server Monitor

  1. Click on New Monitor link.
  2. Select Informix under Database Servers.
  3. Specify the Display Name of the Informix monitor
  4. Enter the HostName or IP Address of the host where Informix server is installed.
  5. Enter the port number for eg., 1526.
  6. Enter the Database Server name i.e the name of the Informix database server to which you want to connect.
  7. You can enter your own credential details or select preconfigured credentials from Credentials Manager. If you wish to enter your own credentials, specify Informix username and password details for this monitor.
  8. Set the Polling Interval.
  9. If you are adding a new monitor from an Admin Server, select a Managed Server.
  10. Choose the Monitor Group from the combo box with which you want to associate Informix Server Monitor (optional). You can choose multiple groups to associate your monitor.
  11. Click Add Monitor(s). This discovers Informix server from the network and starts monitoring them.

Monitored Parameters

Go to the Monitors Category View by clicking the Monitors tab. Click on Informix under the Database Servers Table. Displayed is the Informix Database bulk configuration view distributed into three tabs:

  • Availability tab gives the Availability history for the past 24 hours or 30 days.
  • Performance tab gives the Health Status and events for the past 24 hours or 30 days.
  • List view enables you to perform bulk admin configurations.

Click on the monitor name to see all the server details listed under the following tabs:


Parameter Description
Response time The time taken to establish a JDBC connection with the Informix Server.
Database Space Details
Dbspace Name The unique name of the Database Space.
Allocated (MB) The total physical disk size allocated for the Database Space in MB.
Free (MB) The free physical disk size for the Database Space in MB.
Used % The percentage of physical disk utilization by the Database Space.
Disk Reads/sec The number of Disk Reads happening in the Database Space per second.
Disk Writes/sec The number of Disk Writes happening in the Database Space per second.


Parameter Description
Name The name of the database.
DBSpace Name The Database Space which stores data for this database.
Owner The User ID of the creator of the database.
Created On The time at which the Database was created.

Is Logging

Is Buff Log



Is Case Insens

The current logging modes of a database:

  • Unbuffered logging. Values are either 0 or 1. (1=Yes, 0=No)
  • Buffered logging. Values are either 0 or 1. (1=Yes, 0=No)
  • ANSI mode database. Values are either 0 or 1. (1=Yes, 0=No)
  • NLS support. Values are either 0 or 1. (1=Yes, 0=No)
  • Indicates whether NCHAR and NVARCHAR columns are case-insensitive or not. Values are either 0 or 1. (1=Case-insensitive, 0=Case-sensitive)


Parameter Description
Session Id A unique identifier number assigned to the session.
User Name The User name of the Informix user account.
Host Name The host from which the user is connecting to the Informix database
Login Time The time at which the user connected to the database server.