Licensing Applications Manager

When you have purchased the registered license file, you need to apply the license file over the existing version. This section explains the procedure to apply the new license file.

Applying the New License File from the Web Client

A quick way to apply the new license file is from the web client.

  1. In the web client, click on the Settings tab link provided at the top right-hand corner.
  2. Click Product License link in the menu
  3. A Register Applications Manager pop-up is displayed.
  4. Click Browse button and locate the file (License.xml) in your local machine.
  5. Click Register.

Your existing version is now changed to Professional Edition - Registered.

Note: For Enterprise Edition, it is sufficient that you apply the license in Admin Server alone, the managed servers will be taken care automatically. The Product License link on top will disappear once you have applied the registered license. If the registered customers, want to upgrade their license  further, they can use the Product License link under Applications Manager Server Settings in the Admin tab.

If not to miss the license expiry date, user can utilise the feature to receive License Expiry Notification via email, on or before the date of expiry. Refer to know more about License Expiry Notification.

Applying the New License File using License Manager

The license manager comes handy when your license has already expired and you are not able to access the web client.

  • Invoke the updateLicense.bat/.sh file located in the <Applications Manager Home>/bin directory (For Windows use 'Run as Administrator' option). The License Manager UI is displayed.
  • Click Browse button and locate the file (License.xml) in your local machine.
  • Click Next and then Click Finish.
  • Re-start the Applications Manager server.
Note: To invoke License Manager via Command Line, use the following command <updateLicense.bat/.sh -c>

Applying a license in a plugin build
Users must apply the OpManager license in the OpManager console to register the Applications Manager plugin (you need not apply the OpManager license file on APM plugin license tool).

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