Mail Server Monitoring

To create a Mail Server Monitor, follow the steps given below:

  1. Click on New Monitor link. Choose Mail Server
  2. Select a Display Name.
  3. Enter the IP Address or hostname of the host in which the SMTP server is running.
  4. You can check the Secure Connection(SSL) option to enable TLS for securing data transmission between Applications Manager & other applications.
  5. Enter the SMTP Port number.
  6. Enter an email address available in that SMTP server.
  7. If the SMTP server requires authentication, specify the User Name and Password by clicking SMTP Server requires Authentication field.
  8. If the POP/Imap service is in a different host, specify its POP/Imap Host (host where POP service runs) and POP Port. Also provide the authentication details User Name and Password for the POP service. If the SMTP and POP/Imap service are running in the same host, then ignore this step. Check the Secure Connection(SSL) option to enable TLS for securing data transmission
  9. Enter the message to appear in the subject of the mail.
  10. Enter the timeout in seconds.
  11. Enter the polling interval time in minutes, in Polling Interval field.
  12. If you are adding a new monitor from an Admin Server, select a Managed Server.
  13. Choose the Monitor Group from the combo box with which you want to associate Mail Server Monitor (optional). You can choose multiple groups to associate your monitor.
  14. Click Add Monitor(s). This discovers the Mail server from the network and starts monitoring them.

If you have added Monitors and not associated them with a Monitor Group, you can do this manually anytime. For information on associating a Monitor with a Monitor Group, refer to Associating Monitor with Monitor Groups topic.  

  • Connects to the Mail Server and performs both SMTP and POP operations, by sending and fetching test mails.
  • Checks both SMTP and POP servers to ensure availability.
  • Enables performance management by monitoring the response time of the server and updates the status based on a given threshold.