Move Monitor Group API

This API lets you to move a particular monitor group.

API for Move Monitor Group


Request Parameters

Field Description
apikey The key generated from the Generate API Key option in the 'Admin' tab.
haid The unique resourceid for any monitor which can be found from AM_ManagedObject table in database.
Error codes

Sample Requests

  • http://localhost:9091/AppManager/xml/group/move?apikey=3feef451ed7d7e30c08b2908aed0de40&haid=10000278&tohaid=10000279
  • http://localhost:9091/AppManager/xml/group/move?apikey=3feef451ed7d7e30c08b2908aed0de40&haid=10000278&tohaid=0

The above URL will move monitor group 10000278 outside its parent group when specifying 0 in the tohaid. It will be listed as main group in monitor group view.