Nutanix VM monitoring

Applications Manager monitors the virtual machines configured in the Nutanix server. It gives the ability to manage VMs (Start/Stop/Restart) from the Applications Manager web client in case of any performance problems.


On clicking child VMs, you will be taken to the VM monitor dashboard. It has the following tabs:


Parameter   Description
 CPU Usage  CPU used by VM in %
 Memory Usage  Memory used by VM in %
 Number of VCPUs  Number of processors in VM
 VM memory  VM memory capacity
 VM State  State of VM- On/Off
 VM IP Address  IP address of the VM
 Host Name  Name of the host


Parameter   Description
 Disk Details 
 Disk ID   Disk ID
 Capacity (MiB)  Capacity of the disk in MiB
 Used (MiB)  Amount of Disk used in MiB
 Free (MiB)  Amount of Disk free in MiB


Parameter   Description
 Controller IOPS  Total Cluster IOPS in IOps
 Controller Read IOPS  Controller read IOPS in IOps
 Controller Write IOPS  Controller write IOPS in IOps
 Controller Bandwidth  Total Controller Bandwidth in MBps
 Controller Read Bandwidth  Controller read Bandwidth in MBps
 Controller Write   Controller write Bandwidth in MBps
 Controller Latency  Total Controller Latency in ms
 Controller Read Latency  Controller read Latency in ms
 Controller Write Latency  Controller write Latency in ms


Parameter   Description
 Process Details
 Name   Name of the process
 Process   Process type
 No Of Instances  Number of instances 
 CPU (%)  CPU consumed by the process in %
Mem(%)  Memory consumed by the process in %