Applications Manager Integration with Site24x7


ManageEngine Applications Manager supports integration with Site24x7, the website monitoring service based on the SaaS model. Site24x7 provides effective website uptime monitoring capability so you know how well your sites, hosts, mail servers and web applications are performing from outside your data center. With Site24x7 integration, you can view the uptime and performance status of all your websites from from inside your data center and out on a single console.

Key Benefits

With Site24x7 integration, you can:

  • View performance metrics both from within your corporate LAN (Applications Manager Monitoring) and from multiple locations outside your data center (Site24x7 Monitoring).
  • Availability and health reports from over 40+ locations (Servers) inside Applications Manager.
  • Single Alarm Console.

Integrating Site24x7 with Applications Manager

Browse through the following topics to understand and configure Site24x7 data integration:

Configuring Site24x7 for data integration:

Sign up for a Site24x7 account. Once you sign up, you can add monitors as per your requirement.

Configuring Applications Manager:

Once Site24x7 is configured correctly, you need to configure Applications Manager to sync data:

  1. Log in to Applications Manager.
  2. Click on the Settings tab.
  3. Click on Add-on/Product Settings.
  4. Click Add New Account in the right-hand corner of the Site24x7 Data Integration table.
  5. Enter the following Site24x7 product details:
    • OAuth - Authorization using OAuth Protocol . This can be configured either by selecting the required OAuth provider from the drop down list or by creating a new OAuth provider by clicking on the Add Oauth Provider link. (To know more on how to configure a new OAuth Provider, refer here.)
    • Account Name - Your Site24x7 Account Name or Display Name.
    • Polling Interval - Enter the polling interval time in minutes
  6. Click Save button to save the settings.

You can edit account details, disable data collection, fetch data and delete a monitor by clicking the Actions icons in the Site24x7 Data Integration table.

Associating Site24x7 monitors into existing monitor groups

To associate a Site24x7 monitor to a Monitor Group in Applications Manager:

  • Click on the Home tab in Applications Manager.
  • Under the Default Dashboard, click on a group name in the monitor group table. Monitor Group Information is displayed.
  • Click the Associate Monitor link found at the right-side of the page.
  • A list of Monitors that are available for associating and those that have already been associated with that Monitor Group is displayed. You can also see a list of Site24X7 monitors.
  • Select the check box of the corresponding Monitor from Monitors not present in this Monitor Group list and click Associate.
  • You can also remove a Monitor which has already been associated with the Monitor Group by selecting the check box of Monitor(s) under Monitors present in this Monitor Group and clicking Remove.

The data shown on the details page of Site24x7 monitor is fetched in real time from Site24x7 directly. It does not depend on the data collection for the Site24x7 account.

The following monitors will not be imported into Applications Manager:

  • vCenter
  • Amazon
  • Website Defacement Monitor
  • RUM
  • APM Insight
  • Mobile APM

The first three monitors will have only the details of the dependent MOs. The RUM monitor is available as "Web User Experience" monitor under APM, which will in turn add RUM monitor into the particular Site24x7 account.