Application Monitoring
  • Single tool to
    monitor, manage and audit
    SQL Server.

  • Ensure
    your servers are fault-tolerant
    We support monitoring for SQL Server high-availability solutions

  • Stay ahead of the problem.
    Put an end to end-user complaints
    Identify slow running queries; manage SQL jobs, sessions and more.

  • Ensure safe and secure transactions from SQL Server.
    Be ready for audits.

    Real-Time SQL Server Audit Alerts & Reports

What is ManageEngine SQLDBManager Plus?

ManageEngine SQLDBManager Plus is an Microsoft SQL Server availability and performance monitoring software that helps DBAs ensure high availability and performance for their critical SQL servers. It provides a holistic view of production databases in place and helps database administrators (DBAs) track database usage, receive instant alerts against any audit events in the SQL instance, capacity planning and troubleshoot any performance related issues, ensuring 24x7 uptime.

How can ManageEngine SQLDBManager Plus help you?

ManageEngine SQLDBManager Plus can help you monitor the performance of the SQL Server including the host server of the database in question. The SQL Server performance management capability includes host monitoring, memory monitoring, session monitoring, jobs monitoring, backup monitoring, query performance monitoring, custom query monitoring, database & replication monitoring, cluster monitoring and real-time audit alerts & reports.

In case of any performance related issue, its intuitive web console allows you to drill down to the issue quickly and troubleshoot it with ease. It also allows you to generate reports for production databases. These steps help in reducing finger pointing and improves the overall quality of service to end users.

Key Benefits
  • Monitor availability, performance and health of SQL Servers
  • Real-time SQL Server audit alerts and reports
  • Easy-to-use multi-user web client to access monitoring data
  • Agentless monitoring of SQL Servers in your enterprise
  • Detect performance degradations before they impact users
  • Drill-down to bottlenecked component through powerful RCA engine
  • Critical trend analysis through comprehensive management reports

Jobs Monitoring

Instantly get a real picture of how the multiple SQL Server Agent Jobs are performing and ensure they are running without errors.

Jobs Monitoring
  • Jobs Monitoring
    Jobs Monitoring
  • Jobs Monitoring
    Session Performance
  • Jobs Monitoring
    Troubleshoot instantly
  • Jobs Monitoring
    Resolve issues proactively
  • Jobs Monitoring
    Out-of-the-box reports
  • Jobs Monitoring
    Audit Reports