SQL Backup Monitoring

SQL Database Backup Monitoring

How good is your backup? To answer this, you would have to dig deeper into your servers to check if timely backups have been taken in the first place. You could be without a recent backup of your database and never know it! Backups are the backbone of any server environment and without them your disaster recovery plan falls flat. Monitoring your backups is of paramount importance if you want to ensure the safety and health of your SQL Databases. With SQLDBManager Plus, you would not only be able to monitor your backups, but also be able to trigger alerts for the DBA. All from a single pane of glass.

SQLDB backup monitoring

  • Duration
  • Alerts
  • Health
  • Reports

Duration of SQL Backup

SQL databases need to be backed up before any critical deployment. The time taken to backup your SQL log files will tell you how well your backup scripts are performing. SQLDBManager Plus gives you the total time taken, along with the start and end time, to help you keep a close watch on your backup durations.

SQL backup duration

Alerts on SQL Backup

SQLDBManager Plus lets you configure custom thresholds to define the range of various attributes like backup age and damaged SQL backups. These alerts in-turn help to keep the DBA informed on the status of his backups.

SQL backup alerts

Health of SQL Backup

After you've set your values for various metrics mentioned above, SQLDBManager Plus notifies you about the heath of the SQL backups right on the same page. This helps the DBA get an overview of all the backup jobs and set his priorities.

SQL backup health monitor


Using SQLDBManager Plus, you can generate reports for all the above. Reports can also be generated for databases that were never backed up. This report can be customized further by giving the number of days since when backups were not taken.

SQL backup Reports