Database Monitoring

    Database Monitoring

  • Any business relies on information stored in databases and so is it vital for businesses to constantly monitor and ensure a good database performance. SQLDBManager Plus helps database administrators with deeper insight and status of SQL databases alongside the monitoring support for mirror databases, replication agents and log shipping operations.

  • Monitor Key Performance Indicators of Database

    Get insight into the growth patterns of the database by tracking the data file size, log file size, free space available in the files, transaction and log flush details. Ensure the database is performing more efficiently and effectively.

  • Monitor Replication Agents running in SQL Server

    Avoid problems with replication by regular checks. With support for out-of-the-box monitoring of replication, determine the status of publications, subscriptions and replication agent details. Have checks on the operational state of publications, replication latency, the history, and errors to ensure the replication has entirely worked.

  • Ensure the Log Shipping operation runs successfully

    Log shipping, a process which helps keep two databases synchronized by sending transaction log backups from a primary database to a secondary database, provides a disaster-recovery solution. By monitoring the log shipping metrics such as Log Time, Time Elapsed (in min), Error Log Time, and Error Message; assure log shipping in your SQL environment happens successfully.

    Ensure the Log Shipping operation runs successfully
  • Monitor Mirror Databases Efficiently

    Improve your database availability with in-depth information on the mirror databases like mirroring role, status, mirroring partner details, attributes pertaining to principal and mirror logs, mirroring session and mirroring performance counters. Monitor the performance of your mirroring environment and send alerts whenever the state changes.

    Monitor Mirror Databases Efficiently