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SQLDBManager Plus Capability

Ensure unmatched visibility into poorly performing SQL, functionality for managing, resource planning and database security.

Performance Monitoring

  • Database Monitoring

    Get in-depth information on database status, file size, percentage of log used and plan the capacity. Also pulls the mirroring details and log shipping status.

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  • Memory Monitoring

    Visualize the amount of SQL Cache and Lock Memory utilized by SQL server, memory usage and buffer manager statistics.

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  • Session Monitoring

    Proactively monitors the session statistics that allows identifying the distribution load on your critical database.

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  • Host Monitoring

    Continuously monitors CPU, disk and memory utilization. Also monitors the processes and services that are running within the host machine.

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  • Jobs Monitoring

    Displays all job details, current status, last run status, execution time, etc. See history and failed jobs. Identify if automated tasks are executed properly as planned.

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  • Backup Monitoring

    Get backup date, start time and total time for execution. Identify back up queries that were not executed for a certain amount of time.

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  • Query Monitoring

    Identify slow running queries, top queries by CPU, I/O and more. Prevent blockages and slowness, identify points of corruption and get notified.

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  • Custom Query Monitoring

    Monitor additional performance metrics, critical database tables and even expose business metrics to line of business managers.

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  • Cluster Monitoring

    Proactively monitor your SQL cluster's disk utilization, storage, resource groups , network and node details.

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  • Ensure security & compliance

    With out-of-the-box audit reports stay vigilant for any unauthorized activities and maintain database security.

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Manage Your SQL Environment

  • Session management

    Not just view the list of sessions but also terminate/ kill the session if required.

  • Manage user roles

    Create new user accounts and map them to specific SQL Servers without logging into the SQL Server.

  • Job management

    Create, edit, start, stop, delete or disable an existing SQL Job running in the database.

Audit SQL Server Activities

  • Real-Time Alerts & Reports

    Receive real-time audit alerts and out-of-the-box reports of users login-related and audit-related activities as well as their server-level and database-level actions.

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