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SQL Host Metrics Monitoring

ManageEngine SQLDBManager Plus monitors various critical metrics such as CPU utilization, Memory utilization, etc, of the particular host machine on which the SQL Server is running. In addition, other key metrics that are also monitored are:

  • Swap Memory Usage
  • Physical Memory Usage
  • Free Physical Memory (in MB)
  • CPU and Disk Utilization
  • Network Interface Monitoring
  • Service Monitoring
  • Eventlog Monitoring
  • Process Monitoring

Monitoring the metrics of the SQL Host machine is very critical. By keeping Swap and Physical Memory usage within allowable limits, DBAs can ensure that there is enough memory for queries to be executed. In addition, by monitoring the Disk Utilization, the DBA can map the pattern of growth of data for this database in this server and help in capacity planning while upgrading.

SQLDBManager Plus also monitors the processes and services that are running within the host machine so as to ensure that they do not act as performance bottlenecks for the SQL server. This allows the DBA to configure threshold value for various metrics and monitor them proactively by enabling an alert via Email or SMS.

SQL Server Connection Time - 7/30 Reports

7/30 reports help DBA view monitored data over a period of time thus gaining a better understanding of how the information flow has been during a particular period and how the system has reacted to it. For example, the DBA of an airline reservation service can find out how much memory, CPU and Disk has been used during the holiday season and help understand which resource has to be given priority while upgrading to meet the demand.

SQL Server Connection Time - At a Glance Reports

At a Glance Reports, greatly help DBAs understand the behaviour of various metrics such as the response time, connection time, its availability, buffer cache hit ratio and so on. For example, if the buffer cache hit ratio changes dramatically over a period of time, it is immediately reflected in these reports. This helps DBA understand when did the sudden change happend and what caused this.