SQL Host Metrics Monitoring

    Host Monitoring

  • ManageEngine SQLDBManager Plus monitors various critical metrics of the particular host machine on which the SQL Server is running.

  • Spot the exact cause for resource utilization

    Get insight into which particular component or attribute is responsible for the excess memory and CPU usage. For eg., an excess Physical Memory Utilization can be due to any of the attributes such as SQL cache memory, lock memory, optimizer memory or connection memory. SQLDBManager Plus helps you drill down to that exact cause and troubleshoot faster.

  • Eliminate problems that can arise due to Disk I/O inefficiencies

    Understand disk I/O bottlenecks by constantly having a check on the number of requests outstanding on the disk, rate of read and write operations on the disk per second and ensuring they are on the right limits. Take steps accordingly, correct any inappropriate I/O configuration and thus avoid any application problem, memory shortage, etc.

  • Ensure all your critical SQL Services are always running

    For instance, service like SQL Server Agent Service is crucial to be monitored so as to ensure proper scheduling and execution of jobs. If any problem is encountered during a job execution, SQLDBManager Plus not only notifies the DBA but also allows to take actions such as re-starting, starting and stopping the service right from the product console.

  • Get alerted of issues like SQL Server page level corruption through Event Logs

    An issue like page level corruption is very crucial as this leads to database corruption. The database may be unreadable by the SQL Server thus being unable to initialize and load the database. Event Log monitoring in SQLDBManager Plus alerts the user to such critical issues for immediate actions.