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Applications Manager

Do you need to Monitor Web Applications, Heterogeneous Databases, J2EE Transactions, Web Services and more?

Applications Manager enables you to monitor mission-critical web applications, application servers, heterogeneous databases (MS SQL, Sybase, Oracle, MySQL, etc), J2EE Web Transactions, SAP modules, Oracle E-Business Suite and much more. It provides a holistic view of your IT Enterprise and helps you keep critical business applications up and running 24x7.

If you have trouble in choosing the right product, send us an email with your requirements to sqldbmanagerplus-support@manageengine.com.

Integration with ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus: An ITIL Service Desk

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is a web-based Help Desk and Asset Management software. If ServiceDesk Plus is installed in your network, you can automatically log trouble tickets for specific alarms, from SQLDBManager Plus. So, besides the provision to EMail, SMS, and notification of alarms in other forms, alarms can also be tracked by automatically logging trouble tickets to ServiceDesk Plus. Issue Tracking gets easier.