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SQL Session Performance Monitoring

    SQL Session Monitoring

  • Get in-depth performance metrics about the working of each session running on your monitored SQL Server instance. SQLDBManager Plus helps pinpoint resource intensive session(s) and helps troubleshoot any performance issue it may cause.

  • Track the servers connected to the SQL instances

    Monitor CPU , Memory and Disk I\O consumed by each servers connected to the SQL instances and pinpoint the problematic server. Detect any abnormal activity by watching the number of connections, login & logout to the SQL instance.

  • Trace problematic SQL sessions down till the query

    Avoid performance issues due to any session consuming excess memory and CPU. Drill down to the user and database, which has more connections, and even to the exact query that's causing the trouble. Take corrective actions by terminating the session right from the web console.

  • Understand the state of each session and troubleshoot

    Identify if any sessions are in a critical state like Pending, Spinlock or Suspended. Take appropriate actions or even kill the session to avoid any further performance issues.

    Understand the state of each session and troubleshoot
  • Handle SQL locking issues proactively

    SQLDBManager Plus collects detailed information about SQL session locks and blocks. Avoid severe performance degradation due to any SQL session holding a lock on a resource or multiple sessions attempting to block other sessions. The DBA can even terminate the session if required right from the product console.

    Handle SQL locking issues proactively