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SQL Session Performance Monitoring

SQLDBManager Plus provides in-depth details on Connection Statistics, SQL Statistics, Active Connections, Logins/Min, Logouts/Minute, SQL Compliations/Min, SQL Recompliations/Min, etc. For example, by monitoring Logins/Min and Logouts/Min, the DBA can identify the distribution load on your critical database.

  • Connection Statistics
    • Connection Time
    • Active Connections
    • Logins/Min
    • Logouts/Min
  • Session Details
  • Session Lock Details
  • Session Blocked Details
  • SQL Statistics
    • Batch Requests/Min
    • SQL Compliations/Min
    • SQL Recompliations/Min
    • AutoParams/Min
    • Failed AutoParams/Min
    • Safe Auto-Params/Min
    • Unsafe Auto-Params/Min

These in-depth performance metrics allows the DBA to get a holistic view into the working of each database and its session. These information will also help pin-point resource intensive session(s) and help troubleshoot any performance issue it may cause. The DBA can also configure alarms and actions for each of these performance metric and be notified during breakdown in performance.

  • Host Details
    • Hosts connected to SQL
    • Number of Connections
    • Memory Usage (MB)
    • CPU Time (ms)
    • I/O
  • Session Details
    • PID Status
    • User name
    • Host
    • Memory Usage (MB)
    • CPU Time (ms)
    • I/O
    • Blocked
    • DB Name
    • Command Name
    • Query

SQLDBManager Plus also allows the DBA to view the list of sessions running in the SQL server, its status and even terminate the session if required.