SQL Cluster Monitoring

SQL Database Cluster Details

You can monitor the performance of an SQL cluster's disk utilization like used and free disk memory. A DBA can also track network and node details of a cluster like the state of the node/network and network roles. SQLDBManager Plus also tracks metrics pertaining to the state resource groups and the current and preferred node. Storage statistics can also be monitored like the total used or free space in a partition. Other metrics monitored are:

  • Quorum Owner Node
  • Quorum Path and Type
  • Number of Nodes
  • Max Nodes
  • Number of Networks
  • Resources/Groups Online and Offline
SQL Cluster Details and Disk Utilization

Alarms on SQL Clusters

The DBA can configure alarms right from SQLDBManager Plus console and get immediate notification of problems in production environments. SQLDBManager Plus also provides DBAs with instant performance graphs and reports which can be grouped based on availability and health.

SQL Storage, Resource Groups, Network and Node Details