Monitor SQL Query Performance

Monitoring the performance and availability of each and every single query that runs within a database is vital, since even a single query taking too much CPU time to execute can slow the whole system down. SQLDBManager Plus automatically monitors performance and health of each query running within a specific SQL server using the following metrics:

By default, SQLDBManager Plus will display the top queries executed by CPU usage.

SQLDBManager Plus gathers information of queries which utilizes more CPU time and displays it as graphs. This helps DBAs to identify queries which take maximum CPU time and troubleshoot it quickly.

It also gathers in-depth information of each query such as Average CPU time(ms), Total CPU time(ms), the Query itself which is being executed, along with the DB name and the Last Execution time. SQLDBManager Plus allows DBAs to configure alarms for performance metrics such as Average CPU time, thus alerting them of any unwanted query taking too much CPU time to execute. It also allows the DBA to configure the polling frequency at which these performance metrics are collected.