AssetExplorer Android App

    AssetExplorer Android app lets you keep a track of all your assets while you are on the go. It enables you to scan and add new assets from your mobile. In case of emergencies, the mobile app lets you take remote sessions of workstations. 


    Download and set up the App


    • Go to Play store and download AssetExplorer.
    • Once inside the app, choose https/http protocol. 
    • Enter application URL and port number and click Save.
    • Enter your username and password.

    Note: Make sure you have already created a technician login through the web application.

    After you have logged in, the following dashboard will be displayed.

    1. Scan Assets
    2. Add Assets
    3. All Assets
    4. Web RDP
    5. Recently Viewed
    6. Settings
    7. FAQs

    Scan Assets

    Use this to scan assets using the mobile camera and get information on assets.

    • Click Scan Assets.
    • Point your mobile camera to the barcode/QR code section of the asset.
    • The details of the asset will be instantly fetched. If the scanned asset is a workstation with software installed, then it will be displayed too.

    • If the details are not fetched, the asset with that barcode doesn't exist in the application. You can choose to add that asset to the application.

    Add Assets

    Using this option, you can scan an asset's barcode or QR code and instantly add them to the application.

    • Click Add Assets.
    • Point your mobile camera to the barcode/QR code section of the asset you want to add.

    • The details of the asset will be fetched and displayed on the screen. Click the tick icon at the bottom to proceed to the asset addition.

    • Enter Product Type, Product, Site, and Location of the asset and click the tick icon at the top right side to add the asset to your asset list.

      Note: If you have already configured Product Types and Product, they will be listed in the respective drop-downs.

    All Assets

    This section of the app allows you to view all the existing assets in your organization. You can view various asset details from this section such as, Type/Site/Owner/Department/Region/Expiry Date/Status/Service Tags and so on. You can also view software installed on workstations. 

    • Click All Assets.
    • The list of assets in your organization will be displayed. Click an asset to get detailed information on it.

    Note: From the mobile app you can only view the asset details and not edit them.


    Web RDP

    Using the mobile app, you can also take remote sessions on workstations. This will come in handy when a technician needs to fix an issue while on the go.

    • Click on Web RDP.
    • List of workstations that are available for the remote session will be displayed.
    • Click on the required workstation. Enter comments if any.
    • The web remote session will be activated.

    • Use the controls displayed on the screen to navigate within the workstation.
    • Click on the red icon displayed at the top right to terminate the remote session.


    Recently Viewed

    This section lists the assets you have recently viewed.



    Use the Settings icon to view your server URL, configure security and privacy, and apply new themes to your App.




    Why am I not able to scan some barcode using the mobile camera?

    This could be because the barcode you were scanning has exceeded 100 characters. Only barcode within 100 characters can be scanned.


    Can I change the status of an asset?


    No, you cannot. Currently you can only view the status of an asset. However, we plan to include in our future releases.


    Why am I not able to get the asset details by scanning?


    This is because the asset data doesn't exist in the application. The scan will only fetch details of assets that are already added in the application.


    General information for barcode scanning


    Barcodes which are generated using the Code-128 encoding can only be scanned.


    Where can I find the AssetExplorer App on play store?

    You can get the AssetExplorer android app by clicking here.


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