System Log Viewer


    You can view the error logs generated by the AssetExplorer application online.


    To access the Error Log page,

    1. Login to AssetExplorer application with the username and password of an Admin.

    2. Click the Support tab in the header pane.

    3. Click the System Log Viewer link. The System Log page opens to view the Log records with the message, module, sub module, action upon which the error occurred, Type and Date of occurrence.  


    Viewing Individual Error Detail


    To view the individual error details,

    1. Click the System Log Message link to view the error details. The System Log details page pops up.

    2. The System Log Message field contains the complete error message.

    3. The Module and Sub Module field indicates the module and the sub module in which the error occurred. Say, Admin is the module, Roles is the sub module.

    4. The result of the action upon which the error occurred is indicated in the Action field.  

    5. The Occurred At field indicates the date and time when the error occurred.

    6. If the probable cause of the error is known, then the cause is displayed in the Probable Cause field.

    7. The Performed By field indicates the origin of the error. For example, if it is a system-generated error, then the Performed By field contains System as its value.

    8. Click Close after viewing the details of the error message.

      None of these fields are editable.


    Searching Error Logs


    To search for error logs,

    1. If you are in the Error Log list view page, then by default, the System Log option is chosen in the Search in combo box. If not, then choose System Log.

    2. Enter the search string in Enter Keyword text field.

    3. Click Go. The search results displays all the error logs that match the search string.

    4. Click the error log of your choice to view the same.


    Delete Error Logs


    You can delete individual or all the error logs. To delete individual error logs

    1. In the Error Log list view, select check boxes beside the Error Messages that you wish to delete.

    2. Click Delete.

    If you want to delete all the existing error messages, then click the Delete All button.


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