Agent Mode


    For a wide spread organization with a complex network infrastructure, the Agent based scanning is most effective and provides easy deployment, more security and low bandwidth.    


    The application provides an agent, which can be deployed in the network workstations through various methods. [Refer Methods of Agent Deployment]. Once the agent is deployed in the network workstations, it scans all the workstations and provides easy access for remote assistance.  














    Agent Settings


    Choose to scan all your Windows workstations in both, Agent and Agentless mode by selecting the corresponding option from Agent Settings under the Admin tab. If you have enabled Agentless mode, the Windows workstation and servers are scanned using WMI. If you have enabled both the modes, the agent based scanning is performed and if that fails, the agentless scanning is performed.



    1. Windows is the only Supported Platform for Agent.


    2. The Ports used in Agent based Scanning is TCP 9000.





    Agent Configurations


    For a successful scan, the agent should communicate with the AssetExplorer server. The server details are configured under Agent Configurations. By default, the server in which the application is installed is populated as the server details.




    You can modify these configurations to create your own Agent Configurations.

    • Server Name: The server name or IP address of the computer where AssetExplorer is installed. The agent residing in the client computers communicates with the AssetExplorer server using this Server Name/IP address.  

    • Server Port: The port configured for the application.

    • Protocol: The protocol used to communicate with the server.

    • Agent Port: The port number of the agent.

    • Scan at System Startup: On enabling this option, the agent scans the workstation on every startup.

    Click Create New Agent button. Clicking on Cancel takes you to the agent settings page.



    1. You can also modify the configurations to create your own Agent Configurations.

    2. If the agent is installed in all the Windows machines and if any of the below circumstances occurs, the agent details can be updated using a script.

      1. AssetExplorer application is moved from one server to another or if the AE port or protocol (http or https) has been changed.

      2. If agent port needs to be changed in all the machines or enable/disable scanning on system startup.

    This script can be run as a logon script in the Active Directory or manually in each machine to update the configurations in the agent. While executing the script, the parameters should be in the format "-servername <AE server name> -port <AE port> -protocol <http or https >".


    To download the script, please refer to the help card under Admin -> Agent Settings



    Delta Scan


    While performing a scan (Domain scan or Scheduling a scan) through Agent or Agentless mode, some amount of data is obtained in the AssetExplorer Server. The data obtained in the AE Server through an Agent scan is comparatively minimal to that of Agentless. The agent transfers only the changes ("delta") that occur between two subsequent scans to the server, and automatically strips out any unchanged data, thus reducing the data transfer to 1 - 2kb instead of the usual 20 - 30kb.



    Pros and Cons of Agent Mode


    Agent based scan Pros:

    1. Only one port is required during scan, which can be configured under Admin -> Agent settings -> Agent Configuration -> Agent Port.

    2. Performs scan on system boot up and pushes the data to AE application.

    3. The data transfer in agent scan is very minimal compared to agentless scan and even more less when compared to delta scan (difference in data between two subsequent scans is fetched).

    4. Quick access to the remote machine on performing Remote Control.

    5. Easy to deploy agent through active directory.

    6. Dependencies over DCOM and RPC settings are eliminated.

    7. Once the agent is installed in all the machines, you can scan those machine from linux server.


    Agent based scan Cons:

    1. Agent should be upgraded if the version is changed. This can be performed from the Active Directory.


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