Remote Control Tools Using DC Agent


    The Remote Desktop Sharing feature in Desktop Central enables administrators to access remote computers in a network.




    The advantages of using the Remote Desktop Sharing feature are as follows:

    1. Does not require authentication to gain access to a remote computer.
    2. Supports viewing and accessing remote computers using HTML 5 viewer.
    3. Enables administrators to prompt users for confirmation before providing access to a remote desktop.



     HTML 5 Viewer is supported on the following versions of the browser: Edge (all versions), Internet Explorer 10 and later versions,  Firefox 38 and later versions, Google Chrome 31 and later versions, and Safari 8 and later versions.

    - Ports Used : The following TCP ports should be open on the Desktop Central server  to establish a connection with a remote computer:

    • 8443 : Secure port to establish a remote connection.
    • 8444 : Used to establish a remote connection
    • 8031 : Secure port for File Transfer
    • 8032 : Used for File Transfer

    Enabling the UDP port 8443 will let your viewer directly control your remote agent. However, an initial handshake will happen via the Desktop Central server. Know more on different communication modeshere.

    Ensure that the above-mentioned ports are opened on the Desktop Central server and are reachable from the Desktop Central agent as well as the viewer machine.

     Tools supported using DC 


    The below DC tools are supported in AE if an add-on license is purchased.


    1. Wake-On-LAN
    2. Remote shutdown
    3. Chat
    4. Announcement
    5. System Manager - This includes task manager, services, command prompt, registry, file manager, event viewer, device manager, shares, printers, groups,software and users.

    Clickhere for more details on tools.


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