AssetExplorer 6.2 ReadMe


(Released on 15 February, 2018)

Issue fixed in service pack 6200

Framework changes

  • This upgrade removes the jBoss dependency from the framework, reduces security risk with jBoss, increased performance and quicker startup.

New SCCM Connector

MySQL support

  • MySQL will not be supported from this version.

AssetExplorer 6.1 ReadMe


(Released on 23 January, 2018)

Issue fixed in service pack 6131

  • AEI-68320 - Option to configure server IP address and edit web server port for agent under Admin - >> Windows Agent Configuration >> Configure.
  • AEI-68841 - Loading issue with "View PO Associated Assets" list view / Global Search with "All Assets" option does not work once we sort the "PO Associated Assets" List view with CIType.
  • AEI-69209 - While adding a product name with special characters for a new software, the auto populated product name is encrypted.
  • AEI-69245 - IE 9 browser support removed, alert message is not shown properly while upgrading through console mode.
  • AEI-69346 - While clicking on the community tab, the following error is thrown "Unable to process your request. Please check the URL".
  • AEI-67022 - Support for infinite scrolling in department's dropdown similar to that of the user's dropdown.
  • AEI-69626 - Upgrade failure occurs when a CI type which is created later is made the parent type of a CI type created earlier. Issue occurs when both the CI types are mapped to a same product type.
  • AEI-67606, AEI-66578, AEI-66890, AEI-67081, AEI-67007, AEI-69157 - Vulnerability issue fixed
  • AEI-67633 - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException if Serial Number column is sorted in workstation list view.
  • AEI-67356 - Exception occurs in loading users list while assigning users to assets if email is not specified for a user.
  • AEI-67772 - Option to configure the fetch size for individual tables in the database while taking backup.
  • AEI-62900 - Unable to delete attachments from CIs. It's listed up when refreshing the page even after deletion.
  • AEI-67825 - Error while deleting CIType under which there are more than 10000 assets.
  • AEI-68398 - Unable to receive Software licenses in Purchase orders.
  • AEI-68383 - When windows domain scan fails, it displays "Agent Connection Timeout" error even though the agent Port is open and the machine is reachable.
  • AEI-68854 - Ssl certificate configured for mail fetching and analytics+ is being overwritten by SDP web server's ssl certificate.
  • AEI-68545 - NullPointerException while importing assets through CSV Import in Professional Edition.
  • AEI-68269 - Unable to scan switches in Network scan.
  • AEI-68936 - Mail fetching error occurs if the server redirection is configured in server.xml.
  • AEI-68949 - CMDB API: Delete CI: The SDAdmin is unable to delete an asset that is not associated to any site.
  • AEI-67750 - A technician with permission to edit assets is not able to reconcile two assets.
  • AEI-68523 - Model doesn't get auto populated while editing a workstation or server in professional edition.
  • AEI-68978 - Migration fails if we migrate from 9319, 9320 or 9321 to a higher build. Issue occurs while we restore data to a fresh setup before migrating.
  • AEI-69016 - Items associated to the previous vendor are not removed while editing /adding a vendor in purchase order.
  • AEI-69032 - Mail fetching error occurs if the configured keystore file name contains special characters
  • AEI-68937 - Unable to scan SNMP devices during network scan when multiple credentials are configured for it.
  • AEI-69035 - Schedule to clean up duplicated Software CIs.
  • AEI-68799 - While importing assets through CSV, additional fields' values are displayed as null.
  • AEI-68900 - Comments in the cancelled PR's snippet view is encrypted.
  • AEI-69094 - UK constraint Exception after migrating to 6129.
  • AEI-66285 - Search through "All Assets" creates a huge load on the server and causes it to crash.
  • AEI-69073 - Technicians (with full purchase permission/access to view all sites) are not able to view PRs created by them if PRs are associated to sites.


(Released on 18 September 2017)

Features in service pack 6130

  • AEF-63026 : WebRemote feature helps in taking remote session of Windows machines.
    • It is fast, and does not depend on any browser plugin.
    • Since it is HTML5 browser based, remote to Windows machine can be perfomed from any OS/device.
    • This feature uses Microsoft RDP and does not require agents to be installed in the remote machine.
    • The remote sessions can be recorded and played back later.
    • The sessions recorded are captured under asset's history and request's notes section.
    • Limitation : Remote sessions to Windows 10 machines is not possible now and would be resolved in one of the immediate service pack as we upgrade to Jre 1.8.

Issues fixed in service pack 6130

  • AEI-67450: Reports: Vulnerability issue in viewing database schema.
  • AEI-39260,AEI-56353 : Asset : Exception while editing dynamic asset group.
  • AEI-59881 : Asset : "All Assets" filter is not displayed if "All Assets In Store" link is clicked after viewing other product type list views.
  • AEI-66424 : Asset : Not showing the depreciation details while adding a new asset or workstation in SDP Professional Edition.
  • AEI-68010 : Asset edit page stalling while trying to load unwanted js/css files.
  • AEI-51451 : Asset : The technicians having Asset View-only role can delete the attachments in asset detail page.
  • AEI-64442 : Asset : The relationship for Virtual machine and host are not showing in relationships tab while updating the server.
  • AEI-65173 : Asset : Listing all Workstation/Server inventoried without site restriction.
  • AEI-67449 : Scan : Privilege Escalation Vulnerability issue fixed while scanning.
  • AEI-59991 : Scan : Users having lower privileges than administrators can view the system log viewer after a scan failure.
  • AEI-52766 : Admin : Removed the unused option to add image under Admin-->Product comments.
  • AEI-60734 : Admin Additional fields : Cannot view a lengthier pick list item in a Pick List additional field.
  • AEI-67619 : Admin : Vulnerability issue fixed in Credential library.
  • AEI-67021 : Dashboard : Count mismatch of Purchase Orders in Asset Dashboard.
  • AEI-65713 : Purchase Order : Empty space in file names are replaced with "+" symbol while downloading as attachments.
  • AEI-63036 : Contract : Cannot open an expired software license from Contract Expiry notification mail.
  • AEI-67559 : Contract : Vulnerability issue fixed in Contract List view.
  • AEI-65115 : CMDB API : Range not working for GET_ALL CI in MSSQL build.
  • AEI-60235 : Vulnerability in Audit Reports has been fixed.
  • AEI-68393,AEI-68394,AEI-68395,AEI-68396,AEI-68397 : Vulnerabilities in asset details page and workstation list view page have been fixed.
  • AEI-68482: Unable to access scheduled activities when the application has MS SQL server as a backend database.
  • AE-66846 : Unable to delete the attached file of a software license if the file name has a “#” symbol in it.
  • AEI-66132 : Admin : Changing the Product Type name updates a Child CI Type and not the parent CI Type.
  • AEI-66804: Default profile picture is not displayed in the ‘view user details’ pop-up.

Behaviour change :

If product type name change has modified the name of a child CI Type instead of the parent CI Type, during migration the child CI Type name is reverted back to the original name and parent CI Type name is modified as the latest product type name. For eg: if product type "IP Phone" is changed as "ABC", then the child CI Type "Cisco IP phone" would have changed to "ABC". Now in this migration, "Cisco IP Phone" CI Type would be reverted back to its old name and "IP Phone" CI Type would be modified as "IP Phone'.


Released on: 25 July 2017

Features in service pack 6129

  • AEF-51608 : Option to sync the deleted requesters / technicians from Active Directory to AE application. Once the sync is activated, it will show you a list of deleted requesters and technicians in the active directory from which you can chose to delete the users. You can also enable automatic deletion for requesters, so that when a requester is deleted in the active directory, the requester will be deleted from the AE application as well after a sync.
  • Note: Deleted user sync from the remote server to central server will not be supported.

Issues fixed in service pack 6129


  • AEI-44820 : Issue in fetching Service Packs/Hotfix while scanning windows machines.
  • AEI-65719 : Agent remote control is not working when DC is integrated with product.
  • AEI-66893 : User account information were duplicated during script scan.
  • AEI-64178 : Fetching last 5 characters of license key when the license key is not available.


  • AEI-63971 : VMs added in exclude device list are not excluded while scanning.
  • AEI-60286 : Exclude IPs/Devices from scan does not accept any IP range that ends with 100 like x.x.x.100
  • AEI-66623 : Server can be started after migration failure
  • AEI-66226 : Serial number is not fetched while scanning Cisco IP Phones.
  • AEI-66627 : StringIndexOutOfBoundsException while scanning a Cisco IP Phone.
  • AEI-67025 : NumberFormatException while scanning a Switch.
  • AEI-66241,AEI-62091 : Unable to scan Windows 8 to Windows 10 OS machines, if Hyper-V Windows feature is enabled under Control Panel.
  • AEI-65347 : Unable to fetch correct model name for HP printers.


  • AEI-58880 : Software : When the manufacturer for a software is changed from "Others" to "Microsoft", certain individual/volume licenses are moved under CAL.
  • AEI-63987 : Software : While adding a license agreement, the pick list values for custom fields are not loaded.
  • AEI-64441 : Software : Unable to delete the site when it is associated with downgrade software license.
  • AEI-66365 : Software : NullPointerException while deleting certain software licenses imported from CSV.
  • AEI-64172 : Issue in displaying "Add Manufacturer" pop up in "Add New Software" form.
  • AEI-62150 : Unable to change the software types from scanned software list.


  • AEI-65673 : Item total cost fields are not restricted to two decimals in purchase request details page.
  • AEI-65804 : Purchase request id jumps by 300 on every restart of the application.
  • AEI-66174 : Unable to open purchase order in new tab from the PO list view.
  • AEI-66527 : The approval link in the notification mail doesn't work for second level approvers in purchase request.
  • AEI-63126 : Approval limit of Purchase Order of an user is based on base currency instead of currency used in the PO.
  • AEI-65747 : Multiple submit clicks in "Notify the Vendor" pop up in PO results in multiple POs being placed to the vendor.
  • AEI-66200 : On receiving PO, CIs are added to wrong CI types, if the CI type has child CI types.
  • AEI-66679 : Error occurs while canceling a purchase request, if the "E-mail to purchase request's requester and technician when request is cancelled" option is disabled under Admin --> Purchase Notification Rules.
  • AEI-60797 : "File not found" error occurs while downloading attachments in certain PO's.


  • AEI-65883 : Unable to add a new vendor from a contract when a technician has contract full permission role alone.
  • AEI-61754 : Contract currency field displays currency in exponential form.


  • AEI-65158 : CMDB API : Unable to add CI if CI with same name already exists under a different CI Type.
  • AEI-65779 : CMDB API : Unable to add a requester CI with login name and password
  • AEI-65787,AEI-65834 : CMDB API : Unable to provide values from 13th asset additional field while adding or updating a CI..
  • AEI-66364 : CMDB API : Vulnerability issue while adding CI has fixed.
  • AEI-65943 : Business Impacts marked as 'Not for further usage' are displayed in CMDB.


  • AEI-66249 : Exception on editing CIs marked as Assets.
  • AEI-58915 : Unwanted 0kb pdf files are attached in mail notifications when no audit changes are detected during Domain/Network scan.
  • AEI-64321 : Failure message displayed during "Delete credential" operation is not translated for Non-English languages.


  • AEI-64303 : Report : Unable to delete the saved advance filter for custom report.
  • AEI-56494 : Report : Renewed contract are also displayed under Reports --> Contracts --> Expired Contracts.
  • AEI-65484 : Unable to view both dynamic and static views of the CI History's data model under Reports.
  • AEI-65640,AEI-65534 : Unable to run the CI History report when database used is MSSQL.
  • AEI-66677 : "NullPointerException" occurs while generating the schedule report for CI History.


  • AEI-66163, AEI-62126, AEI-62185 : Unable to add attachments for Assets and software licenses.
  • AEI-66816 : OS of Debian machines was not properly identified.
  • AEI-67252 : Scan status with troubleshooting steps displayed in details page of SNMP devices too.
  • AEI-66127 : Error while performing remote control from IE as it required administrative privileges.


Released on: 22 May 2017

Features in service pack 6128

  • AEF-59980 : Ability to delete/hide default CI Types and Product Types.
  • AEF-61601 : Configure security settings under Admin >> General Settings >> Security Settings.

Issue fixed in service pack 6128

  • AEI-63979, AEI-65613 : Unable to login to the application when 'Keep me signed-in' is enabled.
  • AEI-63928 : Site filter does not get displayed properly for a few admin technicians in Software and new Purchase Request page.
  • AEI-63919 : Unable to migrate the assetexplorer build when servicedesk build is running in same server with 8080 port.
  • AEI-64284 : Barcode column is displayed twice for while creating a new All Assets custom report.
  • AEI-42063 : Prohibited software installation is not notified for new assets identified during network or domain scan.
  • AEI-64078 : Unable to modify the technician for cost center under Admin module.
  • AEI-64196 : Deleted technicians are displayed under "Quick Create - Relationships".
  • AEI-63993 : The text "Software" under Assets tab -->Left panel is not translated for non English languages.
  • AEI-64026 : Unable to view more than 50 products that are associated to a vendor.
  • AEI-64308 : NullPointerException while trying to import Linux machine's scanned xml.
  • AEI-61695 : Memory details shown in Workstations/servers hardware report is not matching with total memory of the device.
  • AEI-63205 : Exception is thrown if form is submitted without selecting the XLS file while importing CI relationships.
  • AEI-65159 : Ambiguous user error on importing relationships for users.
  • AEI-65498 : Unable to import contracts if date values are not provided in DATE formats supported in XLS file.
  • AEI-62968,AEI-62976,AEI-65533 : Unable to modify the Asset state from the Resources List View.
  • AEI-61679 : In asset details page, the word 'State' has been wrongly translated in polish language.
  • AEI-65778 : Location Field is getting reset to null on csv import under asset.
  • AEI-65773 : Unable to scan AIX machine as timeout error occurs while executing a command.
  • AEI-46136 : Error while executing valid query reports with column names containing sql keywords like update, exec, into etc.
  • AEI-66626 : Contract expiry notification mails are not getting sent.
  • AEI-62595 : Wrong scheduled reports are sent to the users if there are more number of reports scheduled at one particular time in some environments.

Behavior change in service pack 6128

  • Behavior change: While importing contracts, there won't be any option to choose date format for date fields as before. Instead, all date formats supported by excel will be supported if the cell containing date is formatted as DATE in excel. Otherwise, default date format supported will be "dd mmm yyyy".
  • Previously while deleting a CI Type or a Product Type an error would be displayed if there are products under it and the user has to delete the assets and products under it before deleting the CI Type/Product Type. From now on if a CI Type or a Product Type is deleted the user would be displayed with the number of assets and products under it and would be prompted to proceed with deletion. If customer chooses "Yes", the assets and products would be deleted and the corresponding CI Type or Product Type would be hidden. The use can make them active whenever required.


Released on: 30 January 2017

Enhancement in service pack 6127

  • AEF-38562 : Option to search POs using additional fields in global search.

Issue fixed in service pack 6127

  • AEI-62152 : Wrong purchase order Id's are listing in associated asset's list view in contract edit/view page.
  • AEI-62547 : A site restricted technician can view other site's VM Hosts/VM Machines in their respective list views.
  • AEI-65306 : While importing assets/workstations through CSV, exception is thrown if the owner's login name is provided for ownership.
  • AEI-65307 : Updating an asset with ownership details fails during CSV import if the same asset is tried for import without ownership details.
  • AEI-62867 : Unable to copy workstation(s) which have a barcode value.
  • AEI-63607 : Purchase Requests' additional fields does not get displayed in E-Mail notification template.
  • AEI-65108 : After applying the service pack, Purchase Request additional fields does not displayed in the details page.
  • AEI-65047 : Application server fails to start when the application is installed and service pack is applied with remote mysql database.
  • AEI-62587 : XSS Vulnerability issue fixed.
  • AEI-65380 : Allocated count gets mismatched in Software License details page.
  • AEI-62346 : Custom software type count does not get listed in "Software" dashboard.
  • AEI-64001 : Previously selected "Purchase Request" roles fails to reset when clicking the "Save and Add New" button.
  • AEI-39619 : Vulnerability issue fixed.
  • AEI-21276 : Printer "Serial Number" does not get displayed in Custom Reports.
  • AEI-64422 : XSS Vulnerability issue in Asset Group name.
  • AEI-64260 : Able to delete entry from Unaudited Asset list view by Technicians who have no permission to delete assets.
  • AEI-64139 : The last decimal number after the decimal point of the total cost in PO listview gets removed if the last decimal number is zero.
  • AEI-64138 : PO name containing a backlash '\' displays the name excluding the '\' in the PO List view, after saving the PO.
  • AEI-64087 : Only one Approver appears in the "Approved by" info of PO print preview in case of multi approver.
  • AEI-63929 : Over due PO link in Purchase Order Summary widget gets redirected to 'All POs' in listview.
  • AEI-63909 : 'Invoice Received' and 'Payment Done' notification for the PO does not get sent even though it shows the success message.
  • AEI-61836 , AEI-60137 : XSS Vulnerability issue with Contract fields.
  • AEI-59121 : Newly added Cost Center does not get displayed in Cost Center list view even though it is added.
  • AEI-63937 : Hard disk details are not getting populated during the scan of Linux machines.
  • AEI-39256 : For windows machine, the Ci type is shown as 'workstation' instead of 'Windows Workstation'.
  • AEI-63915 : Unable to scan Windows 8 to Windows 10 OS machines, when the Hyper-V feature is enabled.
  • AEI-63705 : Base element CI type is displayed under CI History report.
  • AEI-60783 : Unable to enter licence key if the character is more than 100.
  • AEI-63652 : Scanning a Host does not fetch the Servicetag and IP Address of the machine.
  • AEI-63308 : Vendor name in the workstation listview is rendered blank.
  • AEI-64310 : Reports tab loading issue for non SD-Admin users.
  • AEI-62957 : In the case of the subsequent restore of a backup file after an incomplete restore process, the application server continues the process from the latest table, restored successfully.


Released on: 12 January 2017

Enhancement in service pack 6126

  • AEF-63274 : Support for SNMP V3 scan has been introduced.

Issue fixed in service pack 6126

  • AEI-63443 : Buffer overflow error in agent while taking remote control.
  • AEI-63657 : More than one viewer opens up while taking remote control in IE.
  • AEI-65040 : "Certificate has been revoked" error is displayed while taking remote control.
  • AEI-63262 : Microsoft Windows Unquoted Service Path Enumeration error in agent.


Released on: 17 November 2016

Issue fixed in service pack 6125

  • AEI-63813 : Vulnerability issues fixed in agent.
    Note: Users are requested to upgrade to latest agent version to resolve scan issues.
  • AEI-65138 : Purchase Order Date additional fields is shown in longtodate format while exporting the PO list as HTML, PDF, XLS and CSV files.
  • AEI-65148 : UI breaks in PR details page when an approval is approved without entering any comment


Released on: 09 November 2016

Enhancement in service pack 6124

  • AEF-63885 : Option to view Purchase additional fields from the PO list view.

Issue fixed in service pack 6124

  • AEI-62932 : Unrestricted file size growth of the file startout.log in the product.
  • AEI-64239 : All XSS vulnerabilities are fixed in "Purchase Request" module.
  • AEI-63222 , AEI-63215 , AEI-63210 : XSS Vulnerability issues fixed.
  • AEI-64333 : jmx-console removed from the product.
  • AEI-63930 : Struts related vulnerability fixed.
  • AEI-64372 : Low privileged user can view all assets in some cases.
  • AEI-64111 : Server version discloser vulnerability.


Released on: 17 october 2016

Enhancement in service pack 6123

  • AEF-61158 : Enhancement in API documentation tool:
    • Grey themed UI
    • Operation search and Attribute search
    • 'Group>>Entity>>Operation' Hierarchy in Table of Contents
    • 'Sample response' output for every operation

Issue fixed in service pack 6123

  • AEI-62835 : "Installed on" column value is not proper date format when the list view under Installations tab in software details page is exported.
  • AEI-62970 : Exception while changing requester as technician in AE Remote server
  • AEI-63169 : Software licenses received from PO shows Internal ID as PO number in its details page.
  • AEI-63332 : Unable to search assets with partial name in "Add Relationships" popup.
  • AEI-63554 : The text "Contracts which have expired in the last 30 days" has been changed to "Contracts which have expired in the last 7 days" under contract summary in Home/Dashboard tab.
  • AEI-63704 : List view option not displayed under relationships tab of CIs for non-SDAdmin technicians.
  • AEI-62209 : Vulnerability in scanned XML file.
  • AEI-62734 : Exception occurs when Tabular Custom Report is generated for all Workstations and Servers.
  • AEI-63171 : In report stability settings , 'top 50000' has been added in all queries after the keyword 'select'. If the query contains 'distinct', top 50000 is added between 'select' and 'distinct'.
  • AEI-62884 : API version tag is included in failure response of operations in API(XML format only).
  • AEI-63234 : Multiple columns get merged into one while exporting a Report as XLS file.
  • AEI-61642 : Decimal field values displayed with currency symbol in Reports.
  • AEI-63627 : Unable to generate reports when a non-string based entry is used as 'group by column' in stacked charts.
  • AEI-62956 : Unable to view chart in the graph view for certain Reports when maximum limit (default of 18 columns) is reached.
  • AEI-63654 : In some customer environment, AD authentication fails, when there is a delay during login.
  • AEI-64061 , AEI-64084 , AEI-63886 , AEI-63821 : Duplicate 'New PO' and 'Delete' buttons appear in the PO ListView page.
  • AEI-63997 : Unable to search Purchase Orders from global search using PO's item name.
  • AEI-64000 , AEI-63353 : XSS vulnerability across the product have been fixed.
  • AEI-63968 : Migration fails when same approvers are configured at the same level in a PO.
  • AEI-63435 : Unable to view Purchase Order approval details page in non-login view.
  • AEI-63990 : Performance optimized during Asset scan.
  • AEI-64051 : Privilege-based access provided to delete CIs as opposed to restricted access which was granted only to the SDadmin.
  • AEI-63685 : Performance optimized in 'Requested by' field in new Purchase Request.
  • AEI-63539 : Software Dashboard page shows 'Loading' image if no Software is present.


Released on: 17 August 2016

Issue fixed in service pack 6122 ()

  • AEI-63873 : Duplicate assets found when searching an asset.
  • AEI-63692 : Unable to create Purchase Order from Purchase Request when modifying the requested item name.
  • AEI-62640 : Software compliance does not get updated properly when workstations are deleted from listview.
  • AEI-63094 : CMDB API : CI Attribute's description is not provided along with the CI Type details.
  • AEI-63580 : CMDB API : Mandatory check is provided for 'workstation name' while updating software CI.


Released on: 05 August 2016

Issue fixed in service pack 6121 ()

  • AEI-63565 : Inability to create Purchase Order (PO) when a Purchase Request(PR) is created with more Items.
  • AEI-63684 : Inability to create PO from PR by Technicians. This is fixed and the Technicians with 'Create PO' role can now create PO from PR.
  • AEI-63823 : In version 6120, the PO Approver flag is disabled automatically after importing users from AD/LDAP.
  • AEI-48827 : The 'access denied' exception caused during the backup of physical files from file attachments, inline images etc., resulting in schedule/manual backup operation failure. This is resolved now in the following manner. We ignore the files which cannot be included and complete the backup operation. We mark the backup status as PARTIAL. The skipped files are added to the 'skippedFiles.txt' file and included as a part of the 'backup .data' file for future reference.
  • AEI-62334 : User import fails for multiple users, as Department appears along with spaces.
  • AEI-63479 : Failure while trying to upgrade to builds 6116-6120, if same barcodes with different letter cases are populated in the database.


Released on: 27 June 2016

Enhancement in service pack 6120 ()

  • AEF-61191 : Option to create Purchase Request for Purchase Order has been introduced under 'Purchase' module.
  • AEF-62837 : To ensure stability of the application, 'Stability Settings' option along with recommended values has been provided under Reports >> Custom settings to set up threshold on the number of parallel Reports, maximum number of rows per Report and Report time out in minutes.

Behavior change in service pack 6120

  • Default theme has been changed from blue to grey.

Issue fixed in service pack 6120

  • AEI-51149 : Rarely used software installations report does not get generated properly.
  • AEI-58916 , AE-59427 : Unable to allocate the users to CAL license when the user name contains any umlaut characters (like ä,ö,ü).
  • AEI-59868 : Exception is thrown when 'Managed Software' link under Home tab of a remote server is clicked.
  • AEI-60549 : Workstation does not get listed under global left panel search, when searched under 'Asset' category using IP address.
  • AEI-62401 : Unable to precisely update Software license count.
  • AEI-62295 : 'Add Attachment' option is wrongly shown in Software details page.


Released on: 01 June 2016

Issue fixed in service pack 6119

  • AEI-46251, AEI-58815, AEI-21277, AEI-34788, AEI-60147 : Vulnerabilities in "Keep me signed-in" feature.
  • AEI-60086 : Active user sessions not being destroyed/invalidated after a password change.
  • AEI-62188 : CMDB API : Invalid Table alias "CI" Error while fetching CI List.
  • AEI-62448 : CMDB API : Unable to set value for "Location" field while updating workstations using CMDB API.
  • AEI-62890 : Scan : Cisco IP Phones getting uniquely identified and updated only based on it's MAC Address and not by it's IP Address.
  • AEI-62982 : Scan : Barcode set to empty while scanning Cisco IP Phones
  • AEI-63127 : Reports : Duplicate default report named "Virtual Host - Allowed vms Vs Installed vms" under "All Computers" after migrating to 6119.
  • AEI-60816 : Provision to mention user's login name for ownership assignment of assets/workstations during CSV import.
  • AEI-59878 : Option to customize the generated e-mail when a purchase order is created or submitted for approval.
  • AEI-60078 : Unable to bulk delete different type of CI's under CMDB tab --> All CI's List-view.
  • AEI-60200 : Unable to add attachments when "E-mail the owner" or "E-mail the vendor" is performed in both purchase and contract modules.
  • AEI-60610 : Invoice and payment details added by a technician are not displayed in the purchase order when the technician who added the details is deleted.
  • AEI-61541 : Vendors are not listed in the vendor drop down when "Save and Add New" is submitted in workstation's form.
  • AEI-61420: Decline percent and Depreciation percent values are not getting truncated after two decimal points.
  • AEI-56170: Not able to add IPV6 address in workstation/server form.
  • AEI-62891 : The barcode field gets disappeared while scanning workstation/server.
  • AEI-62445 : Unable to import scanned xml when a software's location value is more than 100 characters.
  • AEI-62285 : Unable to import scanned xml when a software's file version value is more than 20 characters.
  • AEI-62284 : ArrayIndexOutOfBounds Exception while importing linux scanned xml file.
  • AEI-62224 : NumberFormatException while importing mac scanned xml file.
  • AEI-62212 : The asset tag field gets disappeared while scanning Cisco IP Phones.
  • AEI-62208 : Unable to bulk add/delete software under Workstation/Server.
  • AEI-62699 : Standalone workstation audit : NullPointerException occurred while importing the scanned xml file.
  • AEI-62658 : Add New Asset Form: Wrong Purchase cost is populated while selecting the vendor.
  • AEI:62066 : Scan : Exception while scanning Windows 10 machines if the Hyper-V is enabled without any virtual machines.
  • AEI-62070 : Assign Ownership : Site select dropdown is not reset to "Not associated to Any Site", when a department that is not associated to any site is selected.


Released on: 05 April 2016

Enhancement in service pack 6118

  • AEF-62433: Barcode Generation for assets. An option to add assets( in bulk) by scanning the vendor barcodes or by generating and printing new barcodes, associating them with the existing assets. This is available under Assets

Issue fixed in service pack 6118

  • AEI-60792 : Vulnerability fixed under Support/Community Tab.
  • AEI-62498 : Able to perform upgrade / restore data in a parallel manner, when the server is running in https mode.
  • AEI-62522 : While importing users from Active Directory (2003 and 2008 versions), all OUs are not listed.
  • AEI-62241 : Directory traversal vulnerability.
  • AEI-61722 : Date configuration does not get copied to duplicated custom report.
  • AEI-60236 : Software summary page shows wrong count for “Expired Agreements”.
  • AEI-62043 : Global search in software list view does not show results when clicked.
  • AEI-38751 : Boolean column values are not displayed report when “MSSQL” and “PGSQL” servers are configured as back and database.
  • AEI-62577 : Blank login page after migrated to 6117.


Released on: 23 February 2016

Enhancement in service pack 6117

  • AEF-61614 : Ability to import CI Relationships from XLS file.
  • AEF-61045 : Language support for 'Romanian' in Asset Explorer.
  • AEF-25241 : Ability to add Requesters with their First name, Middle name and Last name.

Issue fixed in service pack 6117

  • AEI-56035 : Compliance calculation happens for software which are not managed.
  • AEI-60949,62074 : Suite component software installation count is not updated properly.
  • AEI-60206 : Software licenses are move to 'Expired' state when the associated software agreement is expired.
  • AEI-23647 : Bulk 'Edit' option for changing the state has been added in Asset components list view.
  • AEI-47478 : 'Unassigned Workstations/Servers' count gets mismatched when the 'Count' is clicked in Asset home page.
  • AEI-49229 : Technician's with "Add New Product" and "Add New Vendor" role can add new products/vendors under Assets/Contract and PO tab.
  • AEI-52770 : Although address is added in multiple lines under Admin tab -->Sites ,shipping and billing address in PO details page, gets misaligned into a single line.
  • AEI-58223 : Runtime Exception is thrown when 'Managed Software' is clicked in "Getting Started" page.
  • AEI-59265 : Table count, Scheduled activities has been included under 'Support' tab.
  • AEI-59978 : Separate list view for Laptops and Desktops have been included under 'Workstation' list view by default.
  • AEI-61788 : I18N key is missing for 'Total Cost of Ownership' in Asset list view page.
  • AEI-59615,AEI-52206,AEI-58689 : The user's name are not auto populated for "requested by field" in purchase module
  • AEI-55945 : Able to associate an asset component to an user, while using the Import CSV option
  • AEI-57891,AEI-59034 : Unable to delete service packs
  • AEI-58857 : Agent remote control settings are not populating properly from workstation list view
  • AEI-59175 : Inactive departments are shown in the department drop down field of Cost Center
  • AEI-59435 : Manually entered software license keys gets removed after scanning the workstation
  • AEI-59439 : Workstation/servers which are excluded from scan are removed from failed workstation/server list view
  • AEI-59803 : Unable to generate the report for "CMDB" module, filtered by "windows server" with servicepack column
  • AEI-60534 : The host name is getting truncated in virtual machines list view
  • AEI-60777 : Unable to run the CMDB report with Applications filter
  • AEI-61220 : Unwanted entries added in CIHistory during editing the asset
  • AEI-61434 : Unable to edit virtual machine's name
  • AEI-61820 : Unable to get some data for Technician CIs via API
  • AEI-61667 : Not able to push scanned xml generated from a linux machine using the scan script.
  • AEI-61685: scan : Cannot scan El Capitan Mac OS machines.
  • AEI-59940: scan : Linux Prompt getting appended with the workstation name.
  • AEI-59942: scan : Cisco IP Phones getting overwritten during network scan.
  • AEI-60345: scan : Solaris : Processor details and Bios details are not fetched in SPARC solaris Servers.
  • AEI-61815 : Unable to update the site of an asset/workstation which is imported from purchase order for first time.
  • AEI-61697 : Exception while scanning Windows machine if the model of hard drive is not obtained.
  • AEI-61390 : Unable to scan a Machine through WMI, if the machine has monitor info related entries.
  • AEI-62244 : Agent : Problem while scanning Windows machines if the software name is null or empty in the registry.
  • AEI-62249 : Scan : Issue in identifying default printer while scanning Windows machines.
  • AEI-62036 : Agent : Issue in fetching manufacturer information for physical drives in Windows machines and issue in fetching multi-monitor information from windows machines.


Released on: 28 December 2015

Enhancement in service pack 6116

  • AEI-61987 : Jre Version Upgraded from 1.6 to 1.7.

Issue fixed in service pack 6116

  • AEI-60608 : Able to import users from AD without admin privileges.
  • AEI-60142 : XSS vulnerability in accept-language header.
  • AEI-60090 : Vulnerability in uploading scanned XML.
  • AEI-60098 : XSS vulnerability in purchase module.
  • AEI-61863 : Software summary page shows wrong count for “Managed” software type.
  • AEI-60312, AEI-60108, AEI-57847, AEI-61344 : TLSv1.2 support with default strong ciphers (Server has a weak ephemeral Diffie-Hellman public key).


Released on: 15 December 2015

Enhancement in service pack 6115

  • AEF-60651 : Tomcat Version Upgraded from 5 to 7.


Released on: 1 December 2015

Issues fixed in service pack 6114

  • AEI-34232 : Scan : Scanning multi monitor information from Windows machines.
  • AEI-59774 : Scan : Issue in fetching Manufacturer information from Hard disk.
  • AEI-60654 : Scan : Issue in fetching license key for Windows OS 8 and above.


Released on: 23 December 2015

Enhancement in service pack 6113

  • AEF-60160 : Asset Cost Enhancements: key cost values like operational cost, total cost of ownership, current book value are made available in asset's list view and reports.
  • AEF-58758 : Notifications on asset warranty expiry and asset expiry to technicians can be configured under Admin tab -->Notification rules.

Issue fixed in service pack 6113

  • AEI-50240 : Ability to search the contract with Contract id, additional text fields and vendor name.
  • AEI-58800 : Duplication of users in central server when data is imported from remote AE server.
  • AEI-58902 : Issue in scanning physical drive information from HPUX machine.
  • AEI-58903 : Issue in scanning a network device, when its CI type is changed to any one of the child CI types.
  • AEI-58992 : Issue while scanning a ESX host when DNS name of the virtual machine is not resolved.
  • AEI-59144 : Time out exception while scanning AIX server.
  • AEI-60264 : Asset information gets overwritten when schedule runs at the same time in the remote servers.
  • AEI-60298 : Null pointer exception while scanning network device using SNMP when the OID returns null value.
  • AEI-60299 : When assets are updated during import from remote server ,FQDN name changes to IP.
  • AEI-60300 : Invalid XML character issue while importing remote server data.
  • AEI-60301 : Number format Exception while taking remote via third party remote tool.
  • AEI-60413 : Unable to connect "AssetExplorer Web Client" (Windows -> Start) to the AssetExplorer client.
  • AEI-56510 : Scan : Issue in fetching edition of Microsoft visual studio 2012.
  • AEI-56528 : Scan : Microsoft exchange server duplicated for a single workstation.
  • AEI-58293 : Scan : Certain unwanted software reported while scanning Windows machines.
  • AEI-58732 : Admin : Option to disable ping during scan under Admin tab --> Scan settings.
  • AEI-58908 : Migration failure if any of the workstation/server default report is deleted.
  • AEI-59641 : AD Import : User import fails due to duplicate relationship created between user and department.
  • AEI-60768 : Null pointer exception during agent installation through GPO.
  • AEI-60297 : Unhandled errors and exceptions are fixed.
  • AEI-60283, AEI-60280 : Vulnerability in Bypassed authentication.


Released on: 27 April 2015

Issues fixed in service pack 6112

  • AEI-59453 : Asset : XSS vulnerability attack when adding/updating asset details.


Released on: 9 April 2015

Issues fixed in service pack 6111

  • AEI-58924 : Software : Software compliance calculation is not accurate if the concerned table gets locked during schedule scan.
  • AEI-58863 : Scan : When the notification query is blocked during schedule scan, subsequent schedule scan is not triggered.


Released on: 11 March 2015

Enhancement in service pack 6110

  • AEF-45817 : Support for canceling purchase orders

Issues fixed in service pack 6110

  • AEI-58683 : Scan : If a VMWare Host scan or Network Device scan gets failed, those devices were scanned using the default Cisco Phone credentials.
  • AEI-58822 : Unable to download HP-UX scan script from Stand alone workstation audit section.
  • AEI-58881 : Scan : Exception during Solaris machine scan while parsing BIOS information.
  • AEI-58898 : Scan : Ubuntu OS name not detected in Linux script scan.
  • AEI-58655 : Stand alone workstation audit : Wrong help content for using HP-UX script scan.


Released on: 2 February 2015

Issues fixed in service pack 6109

  • AEI-55589 : Issue in displaying custom report widgets under home tab.
  • AEI-57404 : Products and Product Types are not in alphabetical order in their respective select box in New and Edit Purchase Order Page.
  • AEI-57466 : Total count is incorrect during navigation in failed scan workstation list view.
  • AEI-57702 : Close button issue is resolved in connection relationship pop up screen when the technician logged in does not have permission for CMDB.
  • AEI-58240 : Login issue due to 256 bit encryption while scanning Linux machines.
  • AEI-58262 : Problem while importing remote server data when citype name is renamed in central server.
  • AEI-58264 : Option to update software license product even if the association between software and product is removed.
  • AEI-58269 : Issue in scanning printers if null character is returned for OID for location.
  • AEI-58271 : Issue in scanning switches if default CI attributes are deleted.
  • AEI-58467 : SNMP Version 2 support for fetching sysOid from the network devices.
  • AEI-50702 : Unable to ping IPV6 enabled workstation.
  • AEI-55256 : Issue in fetching correct version of IE10 and above during scan.
  • AEI-55458 : Audit notification content is empty, if there is no hardware changes detected during scan.
  • AEI-55687 : Unable to start AE server from desktop icon and start-up menu option in windows 8.
  • AEI-56560 : Unable to take remote connection to a windows 8 machine,when prompt users option is enabled.
  • AEI-58181 : During scan, the edition of MS SQL Server R2 software is not fetched.
  • AEI-58225 : OPENSSL is upgraded to the latest version.
  • AEI-58418 : VMs are listed multiple times in VM list view.
  • AEI-58424 : In network scan, the progress bar shows the completion status as more than 100 % completed at times.
  • AEI-58468 : Migration failure due to unwanted ci relationships created between VM hosts and VMs.


Released on: 12 January 2015

Issues fixed in service pack 6108

  • AEI-58703 : File Attachments vulnerability issue while adding a file has been fixed.


Released on: 17 November 2014

Enhancement in service pack 6107

  • AEF-55084 : Scan : Support for scanning Hyper-V machines.
  • AEF-56866 : Scan : Identifying servers during scan.
  • AEF-56867: Asset : New view for VM hosts and VMs in left panel under Assets tab.

Issues fixed in service pack 6107

  • AEI-57430 : Scan : Vulnerability issue has been fixed.


Released on: 13 October 2014

Enhancement in service pack 6106

  • AEF-57095 : Scan : Support for scanning Cisco IP Phones

Issues fixed in service pack 6106

  • AE-57142 : Scan : Service tag not fetched for AIX machines.
  • AE-56206 : Scan : Software not fetched in SUSE Linux Enterprise server 10.
  • AE-56823 : Scan : Cannot scan VMWare machines using special characters ($,&) in their credentials
  • AE-57435 : Scan : sudo su - command is executing for all non-linux machines (solaris).
  • AE-57389 : Scan : Exception while scanning ESX machines if the relationship between Host machine and Virtual machine already created manually.
  • AE-57424 : Scan : Null Pointer Exception during scan if entry is added in exclude IP Address settings.
  • AE-57295 : Scan : Software are duplicated if backslash is at the end of the software name.
  • AE-57624 : Scan : VMWare machines get duplicated (new machines with _old being created) while scanning ESX host machines.
  • AE-57296 : Scan : While scanning network devices, preference is given to DNS name of devices instead of sysName obtained through SNMP while scanning.
  • AE-57338 : CMDB API : Unable to update Support group via CMDB API.
  • AE-57293 : Asset : Drive usage information is displayed wrong in workstation hardware details page.
  • AE-43938 : Asset : Ability to add new product and vendor by technicians with "Adding New Product" and "Adding New Vendor" roles in add new Workstation/asset form apart from just PO form.
  • AE-57133 : Asset CSV Import : Cannot add a server with value for "Is Virtual" as false.
  • AE-57222 : Asset : Depreciation percentage value in workstation details page is not truncated after two decimal points.
  • AE-57743 : Agent : Timeout value for agent scanning and remote desktop have been made configurable in the database.
  • AE-45037 : Asset CSV Import : IP Address field is not available while importing IT Assets.
  • AE-57305 : Contracts : Need to show the custom contract id in contract notification template instead of contract id.
  • AE-57323 : Contract : While editing a contract invalid e-mail address is thrown if there is no mail-ids configured.
  • AE-57297 : PO : Unable to receive items from Purchase Order when the user does not have role to create PO.
  • AE-57294 : Remote Server : Null Pointer Exception while importing user data from the remote server when the user has login credentials only in remote server.


Released on: 7th August 2014

Enhancement in service pack 6105

  • AEF-56520 : Software : Support to export the software and licenses list view data as PDF/XLS/HTML/CSV.

Issues fixed in service pack 6105

  • AE-57077 : Software : Unable to view the attachment files when adding attachments to more than a month old agreement.
  • AE-56524 : Software : Status of the associated software licenses is not changed when changing the agreement's status
  • AE-57200 : Software : After marking the software license status as "Expired", the associated downgrade license status is not changed as "Expired".
  • AE-57128 : Software : Showing number value for date column in summary report when editing the report immediately.
  • AE-47200 : LDAP Import : OperationNotSupportedException while importing users from LDAP server.


Released on: 21st July 2014

Features in service pack 6104

  • AEF- 55999 : Option to configure IP/name of devices which have to be excluded from scan. These devices can be configured under Admin tab --> Scan settings.

Issues Fixed in service pack

  • AEI- 54748 : Scan : Null Pointer Exception while scanning a VMWare host after moving a virtual machine from one host to another host.
  • AEI- 56824 : Scan : Exception while inserting special character in sysDescr during SNMP Scan.
  • AEI-55858 : Scan : Last logged in user name is not identified correctly in certain versions of Mac machines.
  • AEI-55878 : Scan : Issue in identifying model in non global zone solaris machines.
  • AEI-55413 : Scan : Exception while clicking on the machine name in the page which is loaded first time after starting the server.
  • AEI-56825 : Scan : wget is used for pushing the inventory xml to the SDP/AE server when the scan script is executed in a Linux machine if curl command is not available.
  • AEI-  55764 : Distributed Asset Scan : Importing assets in the central server halts even if a single machine fails during import.
  • AEI-56871 : Distributed Asset Scan : Exception while importing remote data if invalid XML character is present in the inventory data.
  • AEI-  55267 : PO : PO closure notification is not triggered when a PO is closed.
  • AEI-56264 : PO : Problem in displaying the PO details page if the currency exchange rate is configured as 0.0.
  • AEI-56479 : PO : In PO list view, the header "Created date" is shown as "Date Ordered".
  • AEI-  56073 : PO : Purchase Order additional fields are not displayed in PO print preview.
  • AEI-56429 : Contracts : Java script error is thrown while adding more than two notify before dates while renewing contract.
  • AEI-57080 : Performance :  Unwanted select queries have been removed during audit history clean up and deleting workstations.
  • AEI-56613 : JRE Upgrade : Upgrading JRE to 1.6 version in Linux binaries.
  • AEI-56020 : Asset Ownership : While associating an asset to a component, ownership details of the asset (user and department) are not carried over to the component.
  • AEI-56564 : Scan Summary : The count shown under scan summary in Assets tab does not match with the count in list view loaded upon clicking these links.
  • AEI-49317 : Asset Status : Disposed and Expired state workstations/servers are not included in the Unassigned Workstation/Server list views.
  • AEI-56952 : CMDB : Cancel button not working in add new CI form in Arabic language.


Released on: 26th June 2014

Enhancement in service pack 6103

  • AEF-55868 : Report : "Asset State" and "Expiry Date" filters added in Summary report section.

Issues Fixed in Service Pack

  • AE-56615 : Software : Software version column is not available in installation list view in software details page.
  • AE-56037 : Software : License name is missing in software license list view after upgrading to AE 6100 build.
  • AE-56893 : Software : Unable to import the software licenses via CSV when their license key values are empty.
  • AE-56496 : Software : Allocated and available column details are not shown in software license listview for CAL.
  • AE-56478 : Report : Unable to generate the tabular report when choosing "Is Laptop" column in report.


Released on: 17th February 2014

Issues Fixed in Service Pack 6101

  • AE-55604 : Vendor : While updating currency for a vendor, currency value gets updated for all vendors with the same currency.
  • AE-55630 : API : API help documentation is not sync with the online documentation.

Enhancements in Service Pack 6100 (Released on 5th February 2014)

Software License Management

  • Support for upgrade and downgrade license
  • Support for suite software, especially this feature will be helpful for Microsoft and Adobe suite products
  • Detecting suite software installations automatically based on rule
  • Ability to purchase upgrade licenses from Purchase Order
  • Site based software compliance
  • Customizable report for software
  • New enhanced UI is introduced in software details and list view page

Features in Service Pack 6100


REST API for CMDB Module : API for performing add, update, read and delete CIs, relationships between CIs and creating CI Types.

Multi currency support in Purchase Order

Multi-currency support in purchase order for procuring assets/services from different vendors who deal with different currencies

Issues fixed in Service Pack 6100

  • AE-51049 : PO : If the PO is approved, clicking on the link provided in approval notification mail leads to a page which displays "You cannot approve this PO".
  • AE-51440 : PO : Unable to send PO approval notifications if the description contains $ symbol.
  • AE-52763 : PO : PO approval in non-login mode doesn't work if $ symbol is present in the comments.
  • AE-47944 : PO : "Associated software" menu in PO details page is not working when PO is in closed state.
  • AE-46041 : PO : Loading products list is too slow in create new PO page if the number of products is huge.
  • AE-51932 : PO : XSS vulnerability issue while submitting the PO for approval.
  • AE-45490 : Contracts : In add new contract page, invalid E-Mailid is getting saved for “Users to be Notified” field.
  • AE-49436 : Contracts : Contract which is already renewed is being allowed to renew once again.
  • AE-41384 : Assets : Workstation Advanced filter : RAM (in MB) filter is not working.
  • AE-46814 : Assets : Workstation Advanced filter : Model name filter is not working in Internet Explorer.
  • AE-52188 : Assets : Arithmetic Exception while viewing printer details page.
  • AE-49753 : Assets : Exception while performing "Save and Add New" from create new server page.
  • AE-50265 : Assets : Assets by region graph is not showing correct data.
  • AE-50405 : Scan : Proper error message is not displayed if duplicate Service Tags are added under Admin --> Scan settings --> Invalid service tag list.
  • AE-48168 : Scan : Software not scanned in Japanese Ubuntu linux machines.
  • AE-50843 : Scan : Memory leak issue during Agent scan.
  • AE-50565 : Scan : ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception occurred while scanning a linux machine if the linux machine is not configured under any domain.
  • AE-51209 : Scan : Usability issue in displaying BIOS version in the workstation hardware details page.
  • AE-52095 : Scan : Solaris scan : Total memory displayed with wrong information.
  • AE-52096 : Scan : Sudo support is enhanced using “sudo su -” command for all unix based scanning.
  • AE-51197 : Updating the company details in Admin is updated in the generated report.
  • AE-53352 : Reports : Cannot generate the Audit history report after restoring pgsql data.
  • AE-50404 : Remote Server : Cannot push data to central server due to invalid xml characters in printer details.
  • AE-51403 : Remote Control: Dameware remote control showing $DOMAINNAME instead of the Domain value.

AssetExplorer 5.6 ReadMe

ManageEngine AssetExplorer 5618

Issues fixed in service pack 5618

  • AE-50809 : The certificates used to signing the add-ons of Remote Control are expired.
  • AE-50768 : Unnecessary Shortcut created in desktop while taking Remote Control of a machine using agent.

ManageEngine AssetExplorer 5617

Issues fixed in service pack 5617

  • AE-47514 : Distributed scanning : Error while pushing data to central server due to invalid character in Software name.
  • AE-47691 : CSV Import : Service tag check is not case insensitive while merging workstations.
  • AE-47916 : Distributed scanning : Error while pushing data to central server due to invalid character in Software version.
  • AE-47917 : The timeout for agent requests has been increased to 120 seconds.
  • AE-48241 : Query optimized for performance issues reported on clicking the list view option in relationships tab of CIs.
  • AE-48587 : Timeout support added for scanning VMWare machines.
  • AE-48790 : Exception while re-scanning and updating ESX host machines if the device was identified as a workstation during initial discovery.
  • AE-48372 : NullPointerException while parsing serial number for VMWare machines.
  • AE-48804 : Audit history cleanup schedule not working for huge data.
  • AE-48110 : Cannot scan Japanese workstations with Ubuntu Operating system.
  • AE-48865 : NumberFormatException while parsing printer memory details.
  • AE-48791 : Query optimized for performance issue reported on viewing the failed workstation list view.

Enhancements in service pack 5617

  • AE-48839 : Support for mentioning contract types,creating child contracts and enhancements in contract renewal.

ManageEngine AssetExplorer 5616

Issues fixed in service pack 5616

  • AE-48610 : The default report 'Software by manufacturer' does not work if the database is postgres.
  • AE-48605 : The default report 'Rarely used software installations' does not work if the database is postgres.
  • AE-48591 : Unable to restore the linux postgres backup data into windows server.

ManageEngine AssetExplorer 5615

Enhancements in service pack 5615

  • AE-48607 : PostgreSQL database support is added.

ManageEngine AssetExplorer 5614

Issues fixed in service pack 5614

  • AE-46841 : Option to turn off processing scanned xmls submitted through http from remote machines.
  • AE-48114 : Cross-site scripting vulnerability identified in parsing scanned xmls has been fixed.

ManageEngine AssetExplorer 5613

Enhancements in service pack 5613 (Released on 2nd November 2012)

  • AE-47798 : Support for approving Purchase Orders by multi-level approvers.

Issues fixed in service pack 5613

  • AE-46643 : Deleted users are listed in All Cis list view
  • AE-46811 : Global search filter's default text is not cleared while clicking in the search field.
  • AE-47205 : Servers cannot searched in global Workstation/Server search, now a new filter for server search is available.
  • AE-47431 : Cannot add attachments to contracts after upgraded to AssetExplorer 5611
  • AE-47204 : Linux scan script contains invalid path for bash location.
  • AE-47406 : License agreement's attachment functionality is not working properly.
  • AE-47513 : SocketException while trying to scan a solaris machine.
  • AE-47588 : No alert message while reconciling two workstations received by PO.
  • AE-47641 : Contract xls import adding 'From date' greater than 'To date' field.
  • AE-47688 : Complete Asset scan history gets deleted when schedule audit history cleanup enabled.
  • AE-47524 : Error while reconciling workstations from workstation's list view.

ManageEngine AssetExplorer 5612

Features added in service pack 5612 (Released on 15th October 2012)

  • AE-47522 : Ability to imports contracts from excel.
  • AE-47605 : Ability to localize or modify the names of CI Types, Product Types and Relationship Types

ManageEngine AssetExplorer 5611

Features added in service pack 5611 (Released on 29th August 2012)

  • AE-46613 : Service tags can be imported while receiving workstations/servers in Purchase Order
  • AE-46784 : Apart from SDAmin,non-admin technicians can also create query report by enabling fine grained authorization check "Create Query Report" while adding or editing a role.
  • AE-31535 : Ability to perform remote control using other tools like Windows Remote Desktop, VNC, Team Planner, DameWare etc

Issues fixed in service pack 5611

  • AE-41383 : Cannot delete workstations with huge audit history.
  • AE-45818 : Technicians with Asset full role with Scan Now option enabled cannot do a �New scan� in workstation listview.
  • AE-46528 : Cannot fetch OS name and hardware details in Solaris machine due to non-bash shells.
  • AE-46543 : Software not fetched during importing of japanese linux scanned xml.
  • AE-46615 : Hardware details not fetched during importing of linux scanned xml.
  • AE-46624 : More threads waiting for getting printer's server name during bulk scanned xml import
  • AE-44910 : Software ci gets deleted from list view, while removing any of its relationships.
  • AE-46730 : When scanning a VM, its relationship with VMHost is lost.
  • AE-46736 : Problem with scanning linux machine if the output for uname -s returns in 2 lines
  • AE-46739 : While scanning a linux machine, if the port 9090 is open, trying to scan via agent and stopped instead of proceeding to linux scan
  • AE-46313 :Installed column becomes zero after applying licenses in Software details page.
  • AE-44051 : Date format is not personalized in Purchase Order non-login page.
  • AE-45922 : Inventory data will be lost while moving from workstation product to server product.
  • AE-46344 : Purchase Order attachment not accessible in non-login page.
  • AE-46346 : The message displayed after approving or rejecting a Purchase order has been modified.
  • AE-46709 : While scanning ESX Virtual Machine, VM's alias name is fetched instead of VM host name.
  • AE-46755 : Audit reports are not site based.
  • AE-46904 : Worskstation name changed to ipaddress during scheduled scan.

ManageEngine AssetExplorer 5610

Issues fixed in service pack 5610 (Released on 11th June 2012)

  • AE-46185 : Model of the HP printers not detected during scan.
  • AE-46179 : Local credentials provided for certain devices gets overwritten with domain/network credentials if domain scan or network scan is performed.
  • AE-46165 : Error while viewing the asset details page if AssetExplorer is installed in Spanish OS server.
  • AE-46183 : Time out error while scanning Solaris machines.

ManageEngine AssetExplorer 5609

Issues fixed in service pack 5609 (Released on 21st May 2012)

  • AE-45840 : Vulnerability in agent based scanning.
  • AE-45838 : Unable to view the purchase order which has the attachments after applying the service pack.
  • AE-45711 : Unable to change the product type from one consumable type to another consumable type in product page.
  • AE-45532 : Major/Minor version association is got removed after updating the product details in admin page
  • AE-45174 : Unable to apply the license file in linux installation.
  • AE-43388 : Installed count showing '0' value for CAL in license listview.
  • AE-42755 : Asset product is changed to 'Unknown Device' while changing the asset's product type to another type.
  • AE-36695 : When a software version update occurs, the license is deallocated.
  • AE-45837 : Unable to import assets from CSV file if the asset's department is present in more than one site.
  • AE-44155 : Product type is not deleted after deleting the CI Type.

ManageEngine AssetExplorer 5608

Issues Fixed in Service Pack 5608 (Released on 25 April, 2012)

  • AE-45733 : Unable to apply 'Service Pack' from linux installation.
  • AE-45734 : Unable to start the server after restoring the backup data.

ManageEngine AssetExplorer 5607

Enhancements in Service Pack 5607 (Released on: 23 April, 2012)

  • AEF-43454 : Provision to map configured user additional fields to fields in Active Directory while performing user's import.
  • AEF-43585 : Ability to schedule user's import from CSV.
  • AEF-43587 : Support for columns serial number, location, asset tag, acquisition date, expiry date and warranty expiry date in workstation and asset list views.
  • AEF-44175 : Frequently asked query reports provided under reports section for both MySQL/MSSQL databases.

Issues Fixed in Service Pack 5607

  • AE-43837 : Software not detected in certain latest versions of Mac machines.
  • AE-42518 : CMDB reports got corrupted when a CI Type was moved from IT to Non-IT.
  • AE-42795 : Reports exported to Excel format can handle more than 65000 rows.
  • AE-43275 : User's site information get removed when importing users from remote server to central server.
  • AE-43292 : While creating new attributes for a CI Type, only the last attribute added is displayed in the list view of the CIType.
  • AE-39525 : Contract expiry notifications delayed by a day from the value specified in "Notify before days".

ManageEngine AssetExplorer 5606

Issues fixed in 5606 (Released on: 11 January, 2012)

  • AE-41346 : Exception while editing a workstation by technicians with full control of Asset Module (without SDAdmin role).
  • AE-39389 : Technicians with full control of Asset Module (without SDAdmin and CMDB role) cannot import assets from CSV file.
  • AE-41793 : CSV import failed for certain workstations if the model field in the CSV import was case sensitive.
  • AE-39999 : Scan getting failed when the software manufacturer name having more than 150 characters.
  • AE-43119 : License keys are not detected in case of scanning through agent.
  • AE-39095 : Unable to delete workstations which had huge date of audit history.
  • AE-40398 : Cannot import remote server data into central server if the data had some special characters.
  • AE-41822 : LDAP import getting failed in case of Novel eDirectory.
  • AE-42821 : While scanning VMHosts, relationships between VMHosts and VMs were not established if the VMs were scanned even before the VMHost was scanned.

ManageEngine AssetExplorer 5605

Issues fixed in 5605 (Released on: 17 November, 2011)

  • AE-41966 : Workstations getting overwritten based on machine name instead of service tag in WMI scanning.
  • AE-41967 : Entries from the table DynamicTables getting removed while restoring the backup data.

ManageEngine AssetExplorer 5604

Enhancements in 5604 (Released on: 02 November, 2011)

  • AE-40751 : Scanning inventory for VMWare host machines (Supports ESX/ESXi 3.5 to 4.1).
  • AE-41214 : Option to configure email ids to notified apart from choosing technicians for contract expiry notification.
  • AE-41213 : Option to send multiple expiry notifications for a contract.
  • AE-41212 : Option provided to additional comments while changing the state of assets or assigning it to a user/department.
  • AE-40395 : Scan script for Mac machines.
  • AE -39145 : Fetching user accounts from Windows machines during scan.
  • AE-40327 : Default report to find assets depreciated by 50% or below.

Issues Fixed in 5604

  • AE-41363 : System type(32 bit/64 bit) details not shown for windows XP/2003.
  • AE-41159 : Microsoft office license key not fetched in agent based scanning.
  • AE-40850 : Importing CSV file by having workstation UDF fields without asset UDF fields causes error.
  • AE-40749 : Remote Control not working in Firefox 5.0
  • AE-40722 : Exception throws on home page, if a product type is named as "Others"
  • AE-40537 : When UAC is enabled in Windows Vista and later OS, viewer hangs during remote control.
  • AE-40393 : Showing last logged in user in Mac machines.
  • AE-40392 : Showing last logged in user in linux machines.
  • AE-40302 : Contract notification is not sent, if a technician with invalid email id is chosen.
  • AE-40157 : While adding description with new line characters in the workstation"s add cost popup, details are shown in a single line.
  • AE-40124 : Workstation filter is not reset to "All" after searching in Workstation list view.
  • AE-39908 : Site restricted technicians are not able to view query based report.
  • AE-41154 : While performing auto assign workstation, option to configure "Retain users site as assets site".

ManageEngine AssetExplorer 5603

Enhancements in 5603 (Released on: 22 August, 2011)

  • AEF-39502: Asset Depreciation - The depreciation costs of all the assets can be calculated by choosing the appropriate depreciation method either at the product level or asset level.
  • AEF-38896: Public key authentication support for scanning linux machines
  • AEF-40001: Support for scanning the linux machines using shell script. The script can be used for scanning linux machines not in network or to push inventory data from the remote machines to the server.
  • AEF-39816: RAM frequency details fetched during scan.
  • AEF-39816: Date fields in all the forms can be edited manually without choosing the calender.

Issues fixed in 5603

  • AE-39870: Some unwanted IPs are getting added when scan is triggered by enabling "Check for newly added workstations".
  • AE-39501: Shipping and billing address with more than 30 characters cannot be added in PO.
  • AE-39787: Not more than 10 characters can be provided in the first field of add new vendor form.
  • AE-39872: Workstations CSV import failed if the harddisk capacity was provided without harddisk serial number.
  • AE-40003: In the components list view, not able to find the users who owned the components.

ManageEngine AssetExplorer 5602

Enhancements in 5602 (Released on: 15 July, 2011)

  • AEF-38867: Support for sending notification to user(s) upon installation of prohibited software.
  • AEF-39408: Support to identify workstations with duplicate 'Service Tag' and 'MAC Address' from Admin tab --> General Settings.
  • AEF-38868: Support to enable or disable the scan option while creating/editing a role.

Issues fixed in 5602

  • AE-38969: Unable to push the remote server data to central server when no site is specified in 'Central Server Configuration' page.
  • AE-39449: Slow response while searching the workstation/server from global search.
  • AE-39277: Showing all the deleted people list while adding 'Used by' relationship in asset's add relationship page. 
  • AE-38844: Certain software not detected on 64 bit machines.

ManageEngine AssetExplorer 5601

Enhancements in 5601 (Released on: 18th June, 2011)

  • AEF-39000: Option to add attachments in Purchase Order without editing it.
  • AEF-38692: I18N support for CI and relationship attributes.
  • AEF-38115: While scanning MS SQL Server software from the machines, the edition of the software is also fetched.

Issues Fixed in 5601

  • AE-38855: Domain name getting duplicated in the domain list view during scan.
  • AE-38734: Assign Owner popup is not closed in firefox when the action is performed from list views.
  • AE-38704: A server under Application Server CIType with OS as Microsoft Windows would be moved under Windows Server CIType upon editing it. 
  • AE-38705: A parent CIType and its childs with CIs in it and which are not assets (i.e "Track as assets" is disabled).If the parent CIType is now moved under an asset CI Type (for eg:Server), the mapping to Server is not established appropriately.
  • AE-38659: While performing an AD users import login name is populated in place of display name.
  • AE-38887: While performing a scheduled AD import of users, the checkbox status for "Move associated assets" is not retained.
  • AE-38870: Agent failed to start in certain machines due to dll corruption and agent version upgraded to 1.0.6.

ManageEngine AssetExplorer 5600

Enhancements in 5601

  • AEF-39000: Option to add attachments in Purchase Order without editing it.
  • AEF-38692: I18N support for CI and relationship attributes.
  • AEF-38115: While scanning MS SQL Server software from the machines, the edition of the software is also fetched.

Issues Fixed in 5601

  • AE-38855: Domain name getting duplicated in the domain list view during scan.
  • AE-38734: Assign Owner popup is not closed in firefox when the action is performed from list views.
  • AE-38704: A server under Application Server CIType with OS as Microsoft Windows would be moved under Windows Server CIType upon editing it. 
  • AE-38705: A parent CIType and its childs with CIs in it and which are not assets (i.e "Track as assets" is disabled).If the parent CIType is now moved under an asset CI Type (for eg:Server), the mapping to Server is not established appropriately.
  • AE-38659: While performing an AD users import login name is populated in place of display name.
  • AE-38887: While performing a scheduled AD import of users, the checkbox status for "Move associated assets" is not retained.
  • AE-38870: Agent failed to start in certain machines due to dll corruption and agent version upgraded to 1.0.6.

Features added in service pack 5600

Enhancements in CMDB Module

  • With this release all assets,people (users and technicians), documents, IT and Business Service etc are tracked as configuration items (CIs).
  • All CIs are categorized under CI Types and each CI Type can have different set of attributes and relationships.
  • CI Types can be configured in an hierarchical structure and a child CI Type would inherit the attributes and relationships of the parent CI Type.
  • Unlike the previous version, any type of relationship can be configured between two CIs.
  • CIs are identified during scan, AD import and categorized under appropriate CI Types. CIs can also be imported from CSV files.
  • Enhanced CI relationship map which allows viewing the relationships to N levels. The relationships of a node are displayed upon clicking it.

Issues fixed in 5600

  • Agent failed to start when UAC is enabled in Windows Vista.
  • Showing command prompt during agent install/upgrade/uninstall has been removed.
  • Agent status is not updated to the server if agent is uninstalled manually.
  • The manufacturer of a software can be edited from the software details page.
  • StackOverFlow error and OutOfMemory error during reconcile of workstations.
  • OU population takes a long time during users import from Active directory and domain scan when the OUs is high.
  • Microsoft Office license keys not fetched in Windows7 64 bit machines.
  • While importing users from Active directory if the department for the user is changed, corresponding change was not reflected in the assets owned by the user if "Move associated assets" was not checked during import.

AssetExplorer 5.5 ReadMe

ManageEngine AssetExplorer 5504

Issues fixed in service pack 5504

  • Agent failed to start in certain machines due to dll corruption.
  • Blank page during login in free version of AssetExplorer.

ManageEngine AssetExplorer 5503

Issues fixed in service pack 5503

  • Software is not detected during scan in Debian machines.
  • Internet Explorer is not detected while scanning windows vista machines.
  • All IpAddresses are not detected while scanning linux machines.
  • Remote server data is not imported into the central server if the users email id is empty.
  • Asset additional fields not shown in the workstation list view.
  • Print preview provided for non it assets.
  • RemoteControl failed for vista and later operating systems when prompt for getting user's permission is configured.
  • Installation count is not displayed correctly in software details page if major-minor version grouping is configured for a software.
  • Copy and paste (Ctlr+c and Ctlr+v) does not work during remote control.

ManageEngine AssetExplorer 5502

Issues fixed in service pack 5502

  • Site association is removed for asset(s) in "In Store" state after a Domain/Network scan is performed without choosing a site.
  • Unable to approve the PO if the approver name contains a single quote.|
  • Unable to edit the PO created date.
  • UI alignment is not proper in License Agreement details page.
  • User, department ,site and region details included in agent related list views.
  • Last logged user field changes from a user name to blank after a scan, if scan is performed using script as logon script or through agent with "Scan of system startup" enabled.
  • Some of the software titles are displayed with ####AND#### instead of '&' after script or agent scan.
  • Software version is not updated properly during rediscovery of workstations/servers.
  • Similar to agent based scan, WMI scan will fetch software installed by all users from Windows machines.
  • If an asset in moved to "In Store" state, the association of components with the asset will not be removed.

ManageEngine AssetExplorer 5501

Issues fixed in service pack 5501

  • Hard disk and Memory Module information is not fetched while scanning Solaris machines.
  • Memory details are not fetched while scanning Mac machines.
  • Problem while scanning AIX machines when OS version is fetched.
  • Change credentials not happening from device details page for network devices.
  • Organization logo is displayed in PO even after disabling it under Admin tab -->Company details.
  • Unable to search for server(s) from the global search.
  • Domain information is lost after changing a user to technician.
  • Problem while searching for resources from the global search in non-English version.
  • 'Order this PO' link not displayed for the PO owner.
  • Vendor's Email ID is not displayed in purchase order form.
  • Site is not populating automatically after choosing user/department in "Assign Owner" screen.
  • Unable to connect and push data to central server using 'Local Authentication' from remote server in case of distributed asset scanning.
  • Software reports showing improper purchased and installation counts under certain conditions.
  • 'Server with less than 10% free space' report is not working with MS SQL database server.
  • PO Overdue notification is not sent later if application is not running when the notification action has been scheduled.

Features added in service pack 5500

  • Agent based scanning for windows workstations and servers.
  • Support for fetching inventory from AIX machines.
  • Support for scanning 64bit software.
  • Support for multiple languages apart from English.
  • PO work flow has been enhanced to include four new states : Ordered, Items Received, Invoice Received and Payment Done with support for adding invoice and payment details.
  • Multi Approval : Provision to configure multiple approver's for a PO.
  • Ceiling limit for PO approver : Provision to restrict an approver to approve a PO based on the total cost of the PO.
  • Support for configuring different tax rates for items in single PO.
  • Consumables : Items that are of type consumable would not be added as individual asset while they are received from PO.
  • Reconcile assets : Provision to reconcile assets created by receiving items from PO and assets added during scan.
  • Support for different license types like OEM, concurrent, enterprise - subscription, enterprise - perpetual, free, named user, node locked, trial apart from the existing CAL,volume, individual. License types for Microsoft,Adobe and Symantec are configured by default.
  • Support for configuring custom license types.
  • Support for license agreements and notifications on license expiry.
  • Importing software licenses from CSV.
  • During bulk allocation of licenses, licenses would be allocated to corresponding machines based on the license key fetched during scan and license key of the licenses.
  • Auto sync of Distributed data - The inventory data scanned in the remote AE servers would be pushed automatically to the central AE server. This would be a periodic process and any change in inventory data in the remote server would be synchronized with the central server.
  • Remote Control settings : Remote control to a machine would prompt for user's permission by default to access the machine. Machines for which the prompt is not required (for eg: Servers) can be configured from the workstation/server list views.

Other Enhancements

  • Problem in scanning dual processors in a machine has been fixed.
  • Manually added software to workstation would be retained even after subsequent scans. Previously, those software would be removed during subsequent scans.
  • Site restriction on asset removed : Previously asset's site is determined by the site in which the user of the asset is. Now asset can be associated to a site other than its user's site.
  • Provision to add invalid servicetag list and OIDs for network devices from UI.

AssetExplorer 5.1 ReadMe

Issues fixed in AE5 - 5103 :

  • Problem while importing the standalone audit scan information through xml when the software name is not available.
  • In custom reports filter, vendor details were also displayed when site was chosen.
  • The software 'Microsoft Security client' was not detected in scan.
  • The changes in product name of servers was not updated during re-discovery.
  • Problem while scanning solaris zone machines.
  • Certain workstations getting overwritten due to same machine name even though servicetag is different.

Issues fixed in AE5 - 5102 :

  • Duplicate department error while importing users from the Active Directory / CSV file when the department with the same name is already marked as deleted.
  • New column(s) added in Custom report under module Workstation/Resources.
    • Bar code
    • Last logged user
    • Workstation type (Desktop/Laptop)
    • Lease start date
    • Lease end date
  • Unable to remove the product even if the product is not associated to any asset(s).
  • 'Order By' functionality in reports section is not working properly with MSSQL database.
  • Junk values in MAC Address if the machines are scanned using scan script.
  • Scanned information(s) is not updated properly in database if scanning of a machine takes more than 5 minutes.
  • While doing individual workstation scan or network scan, it's updating the scanned data to the another machine.
  • Incorrect BIOS date in harware details page for Linux machines.
  • Showing different history information while doing scan using 'Scan now' option and scan script.
  • Selected OU's structure is not maintained during subsequent scans.
  • Junk values in monitor serial number while doing domain scan.
  • Error while scanning linux machines (One of the mandatory field value is set as NULL).
  • Unable to change the user's department if user is owner for an asset.
  • Not able to save the location details in asset page without giving site information.
  • Multi processor information is not fetched in Linux machine.
  • Error while scanning Mac machines if the machine memory module details are having encrypted content or empty string.
  • Unable to update the site information of assets if the asset ownership is having user or department not assigned to any site.
  • Always showing 'Hardware removed' and 'Hardware added' in EMail notification after domain scan.
  • Purchase order listview column customizer is not working in firefox browser.

Issues fixed in AE5 - 5101 :

  • Unable to import the asset(s) from CSV file if department is specified without site information.
  • Expired and Disposed workstation(s) removed from Unaudited workstations list view.
  • Expired and Disposed assets removed from assets list displayed under "Associate to Asset" option in "Assign Owner" screen.
  • License details is not removed if the software type is changed from Managed to any other type.
  • Home page software compliance type graph is not showing the count properly in case of major-minor version grouping.
  • Compliance type not displayed properly if volume license is purchased for particular software.
  • Changing the report column order is not working.
  • SQL Query report 'Order By' functionality is not working.
  • Asset home page 'Asset Summary' dashboard is not showing their count properly if the product type count is greater than 10.
  • OU's page is not loading if the OU's count is too large.
  • AD User(s) import is not working with windows 2008 server.

Features added in service pack 5100

  • Support for Client Access License (CAL).
  • Support for fetching users from LDAP and LDAP authentication.
  • Support for Personalized date format.
  • Support for scanning Multi Processor information in linux machines.
  • New role 'Remote Desktop Access' is added to restrict technicians from using Remote Control.
  • Support for additional fields for Software License.
  • Fetching software from Mac machines.

Issues fixed in AE5 - 5100

  • Remote Control to Windows Vista OS and Remote Control from Firefox 3.
  • Restriction on specifying the contract notification period.
  • Performance issues in scanning Windows machines using Logon script.

AssetExplorer 5.0 ReadMe

Features added in service pack 5005

  • Support for scanning Solaris machines using telnet or SSH.
  • Support for volume licensing apart from the current individual and enterprise licensing.
  • Support for fetching multiple processor details from the workstations.
  • Support for scanning the workstations in silent mode using the scan script(Scan tab --> Standalone workstation audit). This script can be configured as a logon script in Active Directory and even in case of failure the error message would be pushed to the AE server without prompting the error message to the workstation users.

Issues fixed in Service Pack 5004:

  • Site field is missing in software license edit page.
  • Software Summary Report is showing duplicate workstations for certain criteria.
  • Modify product type option added in workstation and other assets listview.
  • While editing the server, product's of type server are not displayed under model dropdown.
  • Duplicate workstations in software details page.
  • Exception while deleting the multiple workstation(s) from the listview.
  • Exception while scanning the network devices like printer, router, switch and access point.
  • Service pack installed workstation listview always showing all workstation(s) even if the logged in user has restricted site access.
  • Unable to generate the advanced matrix report for certain criteria choosen.
  • Audit report is not working with SQL Server 2000.
  • Summary report print preview is not working properly if the report is having any criteria in filter page.
  • HTTP 500 error while viewing the user details in software details page.
  • Data model schema added for software in New query report option.
  • Department is not checked by default in AD user's import wizard.
  • Network/Windows domain scan audit changes notification is sent to the wrong technician at times.
  • While changing the asset state from 'In Use' to 'In Repair' its removing the attached assets and components.
  • Spot search is not working in failed workstations list view.

Issues fixed in Service Pack 5003:

  • 100% CPU usage when the product or SQL Server is running in non-english OS.
  • Creating duplicate workstations in the listview after changing the resource state from custom state to 'In Use'.
  • GL Code size increased from 20 to 250.
  • Server machines is not removed from the server listview, after changing the product type from 'Server' to other product.
  • Software information is missing after importing the scanned windows data into linux machine.
  • Contract notification template format is not reflected in the EMail to the owner/vendor page.
  • Dynamic group listview showing the incorrect information for the site column.
  • Location, Warrenty Expiry date, GL Code and Cost Center added in reports.
  • Rendering exception while searching the software from the global search.
  • New purchase order quantity field accepting alpha numeric value.
  • Workstation listview advanced filter not working properly.
  • Software licensing, connected asset(s) and attached component(s) will be removed if the asset changed from 'In Use' to 'Disposed'/ 'Expired'.
  • Memory and date column comparison is not working properly in reports.
  • Matrix report title always showing Untitled.
  • Unable to edit, save and schedule the audit report.

Issues fixed in Service Pack 5002:

  • Unable to import the non english scanned assets from Remote Server.
  • Duplicate department(s) created after importing the user(s) from the Active Directory.
  • IP Address column added in Dynamic Group Criteria list.
  • Provision to assign the site to all the resource states except 'In Use' and 'In Repair' states.
  • Expired contract(s) not sending all the asset(s) in notification mail.
  • Adding new asset from the asset list view its not choosing the right product name instead it showing all the products.
  • Asset Home page is not displaying properly.
  • Software information not fetching from the Windows vista machine.
  • While editing the server, appropriate model is not displayed.
  • Site restriction defined for technicians get removed after importing users from Active Directory.
  • Unable to schedule the audit report(s).
  • Date format issue in Asset CSV import.

Issues fixed in Service Pack 5001:

  • Asset and Workstation listview performance issues fixed.
  • Software listview installed count allways showing zero for unmanaged softwares.
  • Browser cache Issues fixed.
  • Home page graph not loading properly fixed.
  • Duplicate resources in Dynamic Group listview fixed.

Features added in AssetExplorer 5000:

  • Support for MSSQL apart from MySQL.
  • Defining roles for technicians i.e technician access can be restricted to certain modules alone like assets alone, purchase alone e.t.c.
  • Backup scheduling : The entire data can be backed up on a periodic basis to a remote server.
  • Distributed asset scan to support for printers, routers, switches and users imported from Active directory apart from workstations alone.
  • Provision to remote connect to a Windows workstaion.
  • Provision for attachments and additional fields in purchase order with enhanced approval system.
  • Site based access restriction for technicians. For eg: a technician can be restricted to view, add,update or delete any data pertaining to California site alone. This would be helpful for organizations distributed across multiple sites.
  • Provision to add custom resource states.
  • Provision to add contract additional fields.
  • Asset Relationships - Helps in providing a quick view of all the assets that are impacted if a particular asset is down. For eg: View all the workstations that are affected if a printer is down.
  • AD Authentication for technician login.
  • Provision to bulk select and scan from workstations, other IT assets and groups list view.

AssetExplorer 4.0 ReadMe

README for Version 4.0 and above

Issues fixed in Service Pack 4017:

  • Issues related to fetching service tag, product and bios details in case of linux machines have been resolved.
  • Issue in displaying workstation and asset additional fields in the details page (Resource Info page) has been fixed.

Issues fixed in Service Pack 4016:

  • Certain memory issues in software license management has been fixed.

Features added in Service Pack 4015:

  • Fetching service tag, model, bios information, memory modules for linux machines during scanning.
  • Fetching software version for all software while scanning.
  • Certain memory issues while adding software licenses has been resolved.

Feature added in Service Pack 4014:

  • Certain memory issues while scanning large number of workstations has been resolved.
  • Auto pushing of agent to the remote workstations in case of DCOM failures while scanning.

Feature added in Service Pack 4013:

  • Distributed workstation scan: AssetExplorer will help you scan assets distributed across multiple sites. Install AssetExplorer in your remote sites where you want to scan assets. When scanning is complete, you will be able to export the data from the remote AssetExplorer server in the site and import it in your central AssetExplorer Server.

Issues fixed in Service Pack 4012:

  • Attachments not being displayed in old contracts.
  • Problem in scanning workstations which has two entries for the same software in the registry.

Features added in Service Pack 4011:

  • Stand alone workstation audit i.e., provision to scan workstations not in network, copy the inventory data and import it in to AssetExplorer server.
  • Scan for printer configuration details from workstations.
  • Scan for software installation date.
  • Provision to add new software type and software category.

Issues fixed in Service Pack 4011:

  • License keys not fetched from Microsoft Office 2007.
  • Oracle client installation not being scanned.
  • No able to delete a domain.
  • Not able to stop scanning from the Windows domain scan popup window.
  • Physical memory conversion issues in reports.
  • Manually modified servicetag getting changed in subsequent scan.

Features added in Service Pack 4010:

  • Asset Lease Expiry Notification.
  • Workstation-Server classfication.

Issues fixed in Service Pack 4010:

  • Workstation state automatically changing to "In Store" state.
  • Exceptions when scanning a workstation through WMI Scan Script.
  • Memory shortage problem during importing users from Active Directory.

Features added in Service Pack 4009:

  • WMI Logon Scripts to push the Hardware and software inventory into AssetExplorer Server.
  • Provision to attach Documents to all Assets.

Issues fixed in Service Pack 4009:

  • Problem while deleting Domains.
  • Workstation Audit History Problem in large DHCP enabled networks.
  • Workstations inventory not getting updated on successful re-scans.

Features added in Service Pack 4008:

  • Support for fetching inventory details of Printers, Routers and Switches.
  • Support for modifying the Product and Product Type of any asset.

Features added in Service Pack 4005:

  • Scan for Windows service packs and hotfixes.
  • Scan for software in Linux workstations.
  • Support for resource and workstation addtional fields in reports.
  • Enhanced import workstations from CSV file.

Issues fixed in Service Pack 4005:

  • Unable to allocate more than 10 software licenses from a particular software page.

Features included in Service Pack 4004:

  • Scan range of IP address in Network Scan.
  • Support for scanning Mac workstations.
  • SSH support for scanning Linux and Mac workstations.
  • Provision to configure scan credentials for individual workstation.
  • Bulk modification of scan credentials from workstation list view.

Issues fixed in Build 4002:

  • Unable to schedule more than one report.
  • Unable to view assets associated with a Purchase order if the name of the asset is modified.
  • Organizational units not being listed when hierarchy in AD is modified.
  • If some users are deleted and import users from AD is performed, the deleted users are not getting added.
  • Option for bulk modification of state in Workstations and Assets list view.

Issues fixed in Build 4001:

  • Unable to start both AssetExplorer and ServiceDesk Plus as windows service in the same machine.

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