Patch Repository

Wireshark (X64) Patches
S.No Patch Description Bulletin id Severity
1Wireshark Prerequisite HandlerTU-041Unrated
2Update of Wireshark X64 (2.2.1)TU-041Low
3Update of Wireshark X64 (2.2.2)TU-041Low
4Update of Wireshark X64 (2.2.3)TU-041Low
5Update of Wireshark X64 (2.2.4)TU-041Low
6Update of Wireshark X64 (2.2.5)TU-041Low
7Update of Wireshark X64 (2.2.6)TU-041Low
8Update of Wireshark X64 (2.2.7)TU-041Low
9Update of Wireshark X64 (2.2.8)TU-041Low
10Update of Wireshark X64 (2.4.0)TU-041Low
11Update of Wireshark X64 (2.4.1)TU-041Low
12Update of Wireshark X64 (2.4.2)TU-041Low
13Update of Wireshark X64 (2.4.3)TU-041Low
14Wireshark Prerequisite HandlerTU-041Unrated
15Updates for Wireshark (X64) (2.4.4)TU-041Low
16Updates for Wireshark (X64) (2.4.5)TU-041Low
17Updates for Wireshark (X64) (2.4.6)TU-041Low
18Updates for Wireshark (X64) (2.6.0)TU-041Low
19Wireshark (X64) (2.6.1)TU-041Low
20Wireshark (X64) (2.6.2)TU-041Low
21Wireshark (X64) (2.6.3)TU-041Low
22Wireshark (X64) (2.6.4)TU-041Low
23Wireshark (X64) (2.6.5)TU-041Low
24Wireshark (X64) (2.6.6)TU-041Low
25Wireshark (X64) (2.6.7)TU-041Moderate
26Wireshark (X64) (3.0.0)TU-041Moderate
27Wireshark (X64) (3.0.1)TU-041Moderate
28Wireshark (X64) (3.0.2)TU-041Moderate
29Wireshark (X64) (3.0.3)TU-041Moderate
30Wireshark (X64) (3.0.4)TU-041Moderate
31Wireshark (X64) (3.0.5)TU-041Moderate
32Wireshark (X64) (3.0.6)TU-041Moderate
33Wireshark (X64) (3.0.7)TU-041Important
34Wireshark (X64) (3.2.0)TU-041Moderate
35Wireshark (X64) (3.2.1)TU-041Moderate
36Wireshark (X64) (3.2.2)TU-041Moderate
37Wireshark (X64) (3.2.3)TU-041Important
38Wireshark (X64) (3.2.4)TU-041Important
39Wireshark (X64) (3.2.5)TU-041Important
40Wireshark (X64) (3.2.6)TU-041Moderate
41Wireshark (X64) (3.2.7)TU-041Important
42Wireshark (X64) (3.4.0)TU-041Important
43Wireshark (X64) (3.4.1)TU-041Important
44Wireshark (X64) (3.4.2)TU-041Important
45Wireshark (X64) (3.4.3)TU-041Critical
46Wireshark (X64) (3.4.4)TU-041Critical
47Wireshark (X64) (3.4.5)TU-041Critical
48Wireshark (X64) (3.4.6)TU-041Important
49Wireshark (X64) (3.4.7)TU-041Moderate
50Wireshark (X64) (3.4.8)TU-041Moderate

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