Overview of Exchange auditing

Microsoft Exchange is one of the widely used email software across organizations. The safe and normal operation of an Exchange platform is vital. Auditing and reporting on all types of access to Exchange objects and changes to their permissions can help you ensure that sensitive information doesn′t fall prey to any kind of malicious attacks. Hence Exchange auditing becomes critical to meet the compliance requirements and ensure safe email operations.

Exchange Reporter Plus, an Exchange reporting, change auditing and monitoring tool, facilitates auditing of both Exchange Server and Exchange Online. It helps audit Exchange events such as mailbox logons, mailbox permission change, mailbox properties change, and so on. The product gathers all the required information from the event logs of Exchange Server and domain controllers, and by using remote PowerShell cmdlets for Exchange Online, to generate these audit reports. To record all significant events in the event logs, the technician account in the product should first be configured with necessary permissions.

Hybrid Exchange auditing:


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