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Oct 25th, 2018
11:30 AM EDT | USA, Canada and Mexico

6:30 AM GMT | Middle East, Asia and Australia

Duration: 1 Hour

In this session, you'll get to know how to configure an alarm profile to get real time notification. You will also learn how to get detailed security reports, automate compliance reports and run security audits.

Your takeaway from this session:

  • Firewall real time alarms

    Learn how to configure an alarm profile for security, anomaly, and bandwidth events.

  • Security reports

    Get a detailed overview of security events and security reports.

  • Compliance reports and security audits

    Learn how to automate compliance reports and security audit reports.



Name: Mouli Srinivasan

Role: Product Expert : Firewall Analyzer

Expertise: Product marketer

Experience: 6 yrs

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