Getting the initial settings right!

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Feb 13, 2019
11:30 AM EST | USA, Canada, Mexico and Europe
06:30 AM GMT | Middle East, Asia and Australia
Duration: 1 Hour

The first step of bandwidth monitoring is successfully configuring flow exports from all your network devices and selecting which interfaces you need to monitor. During this training session, we'll show you how to simplify these tasks in NetFlow Analyzer and get started quickly. We're also going to show off NetFlow Analyzer's new UI, which offers various customization options to simplify bandwidth monitoring and save time analyzing network traffic. 

What you'll learn

  • Exporting flows

    How to easily export flows from various device types.

  • Traffic grouping

    How create different traffic groups in NetFlow Analyzer to monitor traffic effectively.

  • Application mapping

    How to map the exact applications that are listed as "Unknown" in your NetFlow Analyzer graphs.

  • Customize traffic monitoring

    Discover various ways to customize your traffic graphs.

  • Alerting

    How create threshold-based alerts and act on them.

  • Share knowledge base and best practices

    Address known issues with confidence, such as when NetFlow Analyzer says "Data Not Available."


  • Name : Shynu
  • Role : Product expert for NetFlow Analyzer
  • Expertise : Market research, product training, and marketing

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