Editions Comparison
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Features Essential Enterprise
Suitable for For single network For distributed networks
Supports flows / second up to 50k flows 80k flows per collector
Real-time traffic graphs & reporting
Application and protocol monitoring
IP grouping
Customizable dashboard
Threshold-based alerts
Cisco AVC monitoring
Cisco WAAS reports
Cisco Medianet reports
Network traffic reporting
Raw data & forensics
Mobile app
Capacity Planning X
NBAR monitoring X
CBQoS monitoring X
Advanced Security Analytics Module X
Applications Manager Plug-in X
IP SLA monitoring Add-on Add-on
Wireless LAN Controller monitoring Add-on Add-on
Network Configuration Manager Add-on Add-on
Traffic shaping with NCM Add-on Add-on
IP Address and Switch Port Management Add-on Add-on
Failover - Hot Standby Engine (MSSQL only) Add-on Bundled with product
License for 10 interfaces $595 $1295
  Download 30-day free trial Download 30-day free trial

    -  Free edition is also available for monitoring up to 2 interfaces completely free without any license.
    -  The NCM and Traffic shaping(part of the NCM add-on) add-ons are free(up to 2 users). No additional license or installation is required and they can be configured directly from the UI.

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