Collector Details


The Collector Details tab(view) displays information on all Collectors from which NetFlow exports are received.The details shown are the Collector Name, its Status, the Last Configuration update time, Last Data Transfer Time, the Number of routers on the collector & the bandwidth usage. The bandwidth values shown are an average for the last 60 minutes. Click on the numbers against each collector under the No of Routers column to view the list of managed routers.


The purpose of icons and buttons in the Collector Details page are explained below.


Icon/ Button Purpose
location of collector Click this icon, to view the collector web client in a new window
(before Collector Name )
Click this icon before the collector name to change the display name of the collector


The Status column against a collector name indicates the current status of that collector.


Icon Description
no snmp The Status of the collector is unknown
active The collector is up, and is contacting the Central Reporting Server
down The collector is not contacting the Central Reporting Server



Field Description

This allows the user to enable / disable / delete the collector.


Disable - This will unmanage the associated routers / interfaces from the user interface except from the Collector Details page.

Delete - This will remove all the associated routers / interfaces from the user interface in the Collector Details page also.

Enable - This will bring back all the routers / interfaces associated with that collector to the user interfaces.


Note -

1. Once you have deleted a collector it is not possible to bring back those Collector details.

2. The collector can be enabled / disabled / deleted only when the particular collector is shut down.


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