Google Map Settings

Google maps feature lets you physically locate your network resources on a map. This enables network administrators to have a feel of how distributed their network is and more importantly for quick and easier drill down to resource-specific information. Information on up to 3 top interfaces linked to a router is shown in the map. The Google Map settings lists all the devices and their corresponding location.This page gives you the option to place each of the devices in their respective locations

Assigning a location to a router

Clicking on the Assign link opens up the Google map. Follow the instructions below to place a device on the map:


1. Click on the location to place the device on the map. Use the controls on the top left to navigate or zoom
2. You will see an image indicating your selection
3. To change the location click on the image, it will vanish and then select a new location
4. Enter the location in the 'Location Name' field and hit "Save location"

Now a location has been assigned to a router.


Editing a location

To edit a specific location on the map, click on the "Edit" link under the Google Map Settings tab. Now the map view will open up with the location you had last specified. To edit it ( to move the pointer to the desired location) click on the area of the map where you think it should point to. The last location you spot(click) in the course of locating your resource through "n" different clicks on the map is taken as the final.

Deleting a location

You may remove any resource/ router from being shown on the map by clicking on the delete button against the resource in the Google Map Settings tab.

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