Mail Server Settings

These settings are important when e-mail notifications have to be sent for alerts generated and when Scheduled Reports have to be emailed.


Option Default Value Description
Outgoing SMTP Server
The name of the outgoing SMTP server used to send e-mails
The port number on the outgoing server that is used to send e-mails
Default e-mail address to send alerts
The default e-mail address to which e-mail notifications have to be sent. Separate multiple e-mail addresses by a comma (,). This is mandatory.
From Address
The "From" address of the mail that is being sent. This is optional.
Requires authentication

Select this checkbox if the mail server needs authentication

User Name

The authentication user name for the mail server


The corresponding password for mail server authentication


Click on "Update" once the above required details have been entered. You may also want to do a trial / test of the mail being sent - you can use the "Test Mail" setting for this.

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