User Management


The User Management option lets you manage different users with varying access privileges. You can assign different users to different device groups and IP groups, and allow them to manage the assigned groups exclusively. You can choose from three types of users in NetFlow Analyzer - Administrator, Operator, and Guest. You can create any number of users of each type, and assign them to any number of device groups and IP groups.


Adding a New User

On the User Management page, click the Add button to add a new user. Fill in the following fields and click the Add User button to create this user.


Field Description
User Name Enter the unique user name for the user. This name will be used to log in to the NetFlow Analyzer web client.
Password, Retype Password Enter a password for this user. The password should be at least 6 characters long, and all characters are allowed.
Access Level Select the Access Level for the user. Remember that access levels will be available depending on your own access permissions. For example, if you have logged in as an Administrator, all three access levels will be available in the Access Level options box.
TimeZone Click the drop-down box and select the appropriate timezone for the user.
Associated Groups Click Add to select the device groups. Select the device groups to assign to this user and click Update.
Associated IP Groups Click Add to select the IP groups. Select the IP groups to assign to this user and click Update.


Click on the user name at any time on the User Management page to view the corresponding user name, access level, and assigned device groups and IP groups.

Understanding User Management

Check out the following scenarios to understand the User Management better. Consider you have 5 users as mentioned in the table given below.

Sno User Name
1. Admin
2. Matt
3. Michael
4. Edwin
Admin (created by logged in as Matt)
5. Joseph
Admin (created by logged in as Michael)


Note User with User Name as Admin is the Master Admin who has all administrative previleges. 

Scenario 1 -  Due to security reasons Matt or Michael could not delete each other. Only the User name Admin can delete any administrators

Scenario 2 -  Matt(who created Edwin) / Admin can only delete Edwin and similarly Michael(creator of joseph) / Admin can only delete Joseph's account .

Scenario 3 - The same is applicable for operators / guests. If an administrator creates an operator / guest, only he and Admin (user name as Admin) can delete that specific operator / guests and not any others administrators.

Changing User Passwords

Only an Administrator user can reset the password of any other user. To assign a new password to a user, click on the icon or the Assign New link.
Enter a new password, confirm it, and click the Update button for the new password to take effect.


Note If you have logged in as an Admin user, you can change your own password in the same way as described above. If you have logged in as an Operator user or a Guest user you can change your password by selecting the "Change Password" option on the top right.

Editing User Details

Click on the icon against a user, to edit the user's details. 


Attention You can only modify the device groups and IP groups which have been assigned to the user. You cannot modify the user name or the access level, irrespective of your own access level.


Once you are done, click the Update button to save your changes.

Deleting a User

Click the icon against a user name to delete the respective user. Once a user is deleted, all details of this user are permanently deleted.



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