SNMP Trap Forwarding

The alerts generated by Netflow Anlayzer can be forwarded as a trap message to any manager application. This helps in consolidating all the network alerts in a single place in the manager application. 

The steps for the manager application to get the traps, forwarded by Netflow Analyzer, are;

  1. Configure a particular port in the manager application to listen for SNMP traps 
  2. In Netflow Analyzer alert profile form, select alert action as 'SNMP Trap' and specify <Server Name>:<Port No.>:<Community> 
    • <Server Name> - The name or IP address of the server in which the manager application is running 
    • <Port No.> - The port number at which the manager application is listening for the traps 
    • <Community> - The community string of the manager application 

After the configuration, one trap is sent to the manager application, for every alert generated. A trap contains an OID and a system description.  


AdventNet provides a MIB file with the OIDs and their descriptions for all the traps that can be forwarded. The manager application can parse this MIB file and get meaningful messages for the forwarded traps. 


The steps for the manager application to decode the meaning of each of the OIDs, are;

  • Copy ADVENTNET-NETFLOWANALYZER-MIB file from <NetFlow Analyzer Home>/lib directory and save it in the system where the manager application is running
  • Load the MIB file, ADVENTNET-NETFLOWANALYZER-MIB in the manager application 
  • Make the required configuration in the manager application, such that the OIDs are parsed and meaningful info is got


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