Dashboard View


The Dashboard tab displays information on all Collectors from which NetFlow exports are received.


The default view shows top ten interfaces in each Collector . Click the [Show All] link to display all Collectors' top ten interfaces. Click the [Hide All] link to hide the interface details and show only the Collector names & details like Status of the Collector & its Flow Rate.


Click the [Customize] link to specify the number of interfaces to be shown by utilization. You could choose to see top 5,10,15 or 20 interfaces by utilization in the dashboard view. Alternately, you could opt for Custom Interfaces to select the interfaces, that you are interested in seeing in the dashboard view. Users with Operator / Guest privilege can also customize their dashboards.

The purpose of icons and buttons in the Router List are explained below.


Icon/ Button Purpose
ee collapse button Click this icon, or on the router name, to view the interfaces corresponding to the router

Click this link to troubleshoot an interface. You can troubleshoot only one interface at a time.

Note: Troubleshooting results are shown directly from raw data. Hence results depend on the raw data retention time period set in Settings

calendar Click this icon to see a quick report for the respective interface. This report shows you all the details about the traffic across that interface for the past one hour



By clicking on a Collector name you can move to the "All Devices" tab where you can see all the routers associated to the collector and the interfaces associated to it. The Interface Name column lists all the interfaces on a discovered device.


Click on an interface to view the traffic details for that interface.The Status column indicates the current status of that interface.


Icon Description
no snmp The Status of the interface is unknown and no flows have been received for the past 10 minutes. The interface is not responding to SNMP requests.
inactive The interface is responding to SNMP requests and the link is up, but no flows have been received for the past ten minutes.

The link is up, and flows are being received. In the case of Collectors it indicates that the link is up and that the collector and is contacting the NetFlow Analyzer Central Server


The interface is responding to SNMP requests and the link is down and no flows are being received.


The IN Traffic and OUT Traffic columns show the utilization of IN and OUT Traffic on the respective interfaces for the past one hour. You can click on the IN Traffic or OUT traffic bar to view the respective application traffic graph for that interface.

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