Getting Started


Once NetFlow Analyzer Central server has been successfully set up and started in your network, the Collector can be started. The collector contacts the Central server for configuration setting information. The next thing to do is start receiving NetFlow exports from routing devices on your network.


The Configuring Cisco Devices section contains useful information on how to configure NetFlow export on different Cisco routers and switches


As soon as you log in to the NetFlow Analyzer web client, you will see the Dashboard - Collectors. The top 10 interfaces and the corresponding routers are shown in this display.


The All Devices option on the left panel is diviided into two tabs.

  1. The Interface View which lists all the interfaces from which NetFlow exports are received
  2. The Autonomous System View which lists all the autonomous systems configured with each router

Information on IP groups is displayed below the two tabs. From any tab, click the Home icon to return to the Global View.

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