Google Map View


Google maps feature lets you physically locate your network resources on a map. This enables network administrators to have a feel of how distributed their network is and more importantly in a quick and easy drill down to resource-specific information. Information on up to 3 top interfaces linked to a router is shown in the map. NetFlow Analyzer, by using google maps, lets you position your devices on a map for a graphical presentation. You need to obtain a Google API Key in order to set up this. The steps to obtain one is elaborated below.


Generating the Google Maps API key

The Google Maps API key is necessary to access the Google Map feature. You can get it by following the below steps:

Once the key is pasted a map can be seen with the devices located on it. Refer to Settings to make any changes to the display.


Please note that, NetFlow Analyzer allows you to store only one key for a particular installation. In case you obtain the key using http://<>:8080 and try to access it using http://<servername>:8080, you will not be able to access the Google Map View and you may be prompted to obtain a fresh key. We recommend that you use the IP address / DNS name when you obtain the key and access NetFlow Analyzer using the same URL.

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