IP Groups View


Information on IP groups created so far, is displayed below both the Global View tabs. This is also displayed when the All Groups link is clicked on the IP Groups pane on the left.


Initially when no IP groups have been created, you will simply see a status message with the option to start creating IP groups.


The IP Group List shows all the IP groups that have been created so far. Click the View Description link to view descriptive information on all IP groups created. Alternatively you can click the View Description link against each IP group to view descriptive information on that IP group alone. Details such as Speed, IP Address, Port(Protocol), Associated Interfaces is shown.


Click the IP Group name to view traffic graphs specific to that IP group. From the traffic graph, you can navigate to see the top applications, top hosts, and top conversations in this IP group.


The IN Traffic and OUT Traffic columns show the volume of incoming and outgoing traffic in the IP group generated over the past one hour. You can click on the IN Traffic or OUT traffic bar to view the respective application traffic report.


Click the calendar icon to see a consolidated traffic report for the respective IP group. This report shows you all the details about incoming and outgoing traffic in this IP group in a single report.


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