Dashboard Interface View


The Interface View tab displays information on all interfaces from which NetFlow exports are received.


The default view shows only the routers corresponding to the first collector.The Router List shows all the routers from which NetFlow exports have been received so far. Click the drill to display the interfaces corresponding to the individual routers. Click the [Hide All] link to hide all interfaces and show only the router names and the number of interfaces against each router. By using the combo/drop-down box against Show, one can change the Collector name to point to the desired. If the option "All Collectors" is chosen then all the routers corresponding to all the Collectors are listed. The Sorty By combo/drop-down box helps one to sort the interfaces by Name, IN/OUT Speed/Utilization etc. Select the required option accordingly.


Click the searchicon to search for interfaces with specific percentage values. You can search for interfaces under various routers that satisfy a certain condition like - In Traffic or Out Traffic being greater than, or Lesser than or Equal to a certain percentage value. Click Enter for the view to change as per the conditions set. Illustration: When the condition is set for Router Name as 1 , Interface Name as ifindex1 , IN Traffic as > 5 %, all the routers that have a "1" in their name are chosen. Now among the filtered routers those interfaces that have "ifindex1" in their name are chosen and the IN Traffic condition is applied. Finally, all those interfaces along with the traffic details that have satisfied the condition are displayed. By clicking on the search button again the search option can be revoked.


The purpose of icons and buttons in the Router List are explained below.


Icon/ Button Purpose
drill Click this icon, or on the router name, to view the interfaces corresponding to the router
shrinl Click this icon to hide the interfaces corresponding to the router
(before Router Name)
Click this icon to change the display name of the device, its SNMP community string, or its SNMP port. You can also choose to get the Interface Name details from one of 3 fields - IfDesc, IfName, or IfAlias.
(before Interface Name)
Click this icon before the interface name to change the display name of the interface, or its link speed (in bps). To set the SNMP parameters click on this icon against the router name.

Click this link to troubleshoot an interface. You can troubleshoot only one interface at a time.

Note: Troubleshooting results are shown directly from raw data. Hence results depend on the raw data retention time period set in Settings

calendar Click this icon to see a quick report for the respective interface. This report shows you all the details about the traffic across that interface for the past one hour




The Interface Name column lists all the interfaces on a discovered device. Click on an interface to view the traffic details for that interface

The Status column indicates the current status of that interface.


Icon Description
no snmp The Status of the interface is unknown and no flows have been received for the past 10 minutes. The interface is not responding to SNMP requests.
inactive The interface is responding to SNMP requests and the link is up, but no flows have been received for the past ten minutes.

The link is up, and flows are being received.


The interface is responding to SNMP requests and the link is down and no flows are being received.


The IN Traffic and OUT Traffic columns show the utilization of IN and OUT Traffic on the respective interfaces for the past one hour. You can click on the IN Traffic or OUT traffic bar to view the respective application traffic graph for that interface.



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