Demo Collector

    Demo Collector makes the evaluation process of the Enterprise edition much easier. As you might have already know, the user has to install a Collector software for collecting various forms of flows, like NetFlow, sFlow, IPFIX, etc., and a Central Server for providing meaningful graphs from the collected flow data. 

    Demo Collector removes the need for installing a separate Collector. The user needs to install the Central Server for kick-starting the evaluation. Demo Collector is bundled along with the Central Server. It can be started & stopped from the Central Server Web UI/client. Interesting, right? Please find the snapshots below to know more.

    Demo Collector will be useful while evaluating around 500 interfaces in a dual core processor, 2GB RAM machine. However we recommend to install the collector in a separate machine if you want to evaluate with more number of interfaces or if you want to see the real performance of the NetFlow Analyzer. Anyway we highly recommend to run it in a separate machine when you are going to the production system to get the real advantages of Collector & Central Server softwares.

How to start Demo Collector?

When the Central Server is started for the first time, you can see the below image in the Web Client once you sign-in. You can start the Demo Collector by clicking the Start link which is highlighted with Round RED mark in the snapshot.

How to stop Demo Collector?

Please navigate to Admin Operations --> Collector Details page in the Central Server Web Client.You can stop the Demo Collector by clicking the Stop link which is highlighted with Round RED mark in the snapshot.

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