Consolidated Reports


Consolidated reports let you see all the traffic details for an interface or IP group at one glance. You can then print this report or save it as a PDF file.


Click the Consolidated Report link or the Consolidated report icon to see all traffic details for an interface at one glance. The same report can be accessed from the Global Dashboard when the Report icon against an interface or IP group is clicked.


The Custom Selection box lets you select different time periods for the traffic data.

Apart from these options, the From and To boxes let you choose custom time periods for the report. Use the Calendar icon to select the date and time easily. Once you select the desired time period, click the Show Report button to display the corresponding consolidated report.


The default report view shows the IP addresses of the hosts. Click the Resolve DNS link to see the corresponding DNS names. You can also choose to save the report as a PDF file by clicking the icon, or print it by clicking the Print icon.

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