Top Conversations


The Conversation tab shows the top conversations contributing to traffic in the selected time period.


Choose between IN and OUT to display the top conversations in incoming or outgoing traffic.


The Time Period box lets you choose between last hour, last day, last week, last month, and last quarter's traffic graphs. The From and To boxes let you choose custom time periods for the graphs. Use the Calendar icon to select the date and time easily. The time period for these graphs is based on the current system time. Once you select the desired date and time, click the Show Report button to display the appropriate conversation traffic report.


The default report view shows the IP addresses of the hosts. Click the Resolve DNS link to see the corresponding DNS names.


The Show box above this table lets you choose how many conversations need to be displayed. You can set this value from the Settings page.


The Group by box lets you group conversations by source, destination, or application. The default list shows the conversations sorted in descending order of number of bytes of traffic.

The pie charts below this report show the top sources, destinations, and conversations contributing to traffic for the selected time period. The Zoom icon above the pie chart lets you see the pie chart enlarged in a new window. From here, you can click the PDF icon to save the pie chart as a PDF file.

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