The Troubleshoot link lets you set criteria and view specific details about the traffic across a single interface. Data for Troubleshooting reports is taken directly from raw data. Which means that Troubleshooting reports will be available only for the maximum time period for retaining raw data, configured under Settings.


Click the Troubleshoot icon against an interface on the Dashboard Interface View, or the Troubleshoot link present above the traffic graphs for an interface, to open a popup with options to set criteria for viewing reports. In the pop-up window that opens up, click the Select Devices link to change the interface that you want to troubleshoot.


Under Search Criteria, enter the criteria on which traffic needs to be filtered. You can enter any of the following criteria to filter traffic:

The From and To boxes let you choose custom time periods for the report. Use the Calendar icon to select the date and time easily. Ensure that the time period selected, falls within the Raw Data Retention Period set under Settings, otherwise graphs will show no data.


Use the IN/OUT box to display values based on IN traffic, OUT traffic, or both IN and OUT traffic. The Show box lets you choose how many results to display. You can set this value from the Settings page.


Once you select all the desired criteria, click the Generate Report button to display the corresponding traffic report.


The default report view shows the IP addresses of the hosts. Click the Resolve DNS link to see the corresponding DNS values. You can also choose to print this report by clicking the Print icon or the Print link.

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