Accessing the Web Client


    NetFlow Analyzer Enterprise Edition has seperate UI logins for Central UI and Collector UI. 

    NetFlow Analyzer Central UI provides you to option to monitor all the collector and do configuration changes on the Collectors. The changes done in the Central server UI will be pushed to the Collectors automatically.

    NetFlow Analyzer Collector UI gives the single view of the devices that are sending flows to that Collector server alone.

     Once the service has successfully started, follow the steps below to access NetFlow Analyzer.

    1. Open a supported web browser window
    2. Type the URL address as http://NetflowServer_IP:8060 (where NetflowServer  is the name of the machine on which NetFlow Analyzer is running, and 8060 is the default web server port)
    3. Log in to NetFlow Analyzer using the default username/password combination of admin/admin

    Once you log in, you can start managing devices exporting NetFlow, generate bandwidth reports, and more.