Configuration Backup


Please follow the below steps to take the backup of configuration data :

Step 1
: Shutdown the NetflowAnalyzer server.
Step 2
: Navigate to <NetFlow_Home>/troubleshooting folder.
Step 3
: Run the backupConfig.bat/ file, which will create a ConfigBackup.sql under <NetFlow_Home>

: The ConfigBackup.sql file will contain all your configuration.Please keep it in a safe location.

Please follow the below steps to restore the configuration data :

Step 1: Install the NetFlow Analyzer.
Step 2: Shutdown the server.
Step 3: Copy the ConfigBackup.sql under <NetFlow_Home>
Step 4: Navigate to <NetFlow_Home>/troubleshooting folder.
Step 5: Run restoreConfig.bat / file.
Step 6: Start the server.

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