Database Backup


For MYSQL backup

Please follow the below steps to migrate from one server to another:

  1. Shutdown the server.

  2. Execute the file BackupDB.bat/ under <NetFlow_Home>\troubleshooting folder.This will create a zip file under <NetFlow_Home> with name database_backup_<build_number>_<date>.zip. ( Please check the zip file to make sure it is not corrupted)

  3. Install the NetFlow Analyzer on a new machine and start the server.

  4. Shutdown the server.

  5. Copy the zip file under <NetFlow_home>, unzip it and restart the server.


  1. The new server's Operating System must match with that of the old one.Cross platform migration is not supported.

  2. The build number of the NetFlow Analyzer should be the same.


For MSSQL backup

Please get details here -

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