Geo Locations

Geo Locations is an useful feature which has been added in NetFlow Analyzer "source" and "destination" tab.

Geo locations gives the country wise traffic usage interms of the total volume(in Kbytes) and the total utilization(in %).


To use the "Geo locations" feature, please select the respective interface and click on the source or the destination tab. There you would see "Geo locations" between "Resolve DNS" and "Show network", on the top left.


Click on "Geo locations" and the list of countries with the respective traffic usage will appear. You can click on the country of your choice from the list and view the top ten bandwidth users in terms of their "IP addresses."

You can "Click to update" which is besides "Geo locations" to update the IP locations database. If the IP locations table is up to date then an "IP Locations Database is already up to date" message will pop up. Else the database will be updated.


NOTE : When you "click to update" for the first time you might get the following msg "The Geo Location Database file could not be downloaded. Please check whether the proxy settings are correct here. Otherwise please download the file from here and unzip under NetFlow-Home directory"


If so, please check your proxy settings and then download again.


At the bottom of the page, a chart which shows the traffic usage of different countries will be displayed. Each country would be displayed according to their traffic usage.

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