Apps tab in NetFlow Analyzer list up all the apps discovered in NetFlow Analyzer UI and bandwidth utilization. We show 2 kinds of app:

    Layer 4 Apps:

    Layer 4

    These are the application detected by NetFlow Analyzer based on the port and protocol mappings. NetFlow Analyzer traffic calculation is based on the port and protocol map available, we have around 10000 application mapped based on the IANA which you can find it under Application/QoS mapping.  

    Layer 7 Apps:

    Layer 7

    These are the NBAR applications discovered by NetFlow Analyzer exported by the Cisco Devices. You can click on the select icon on the left to select layer 4 and layer 7 apps list to view.



    You can click on any application name and expand the view by clicking on  , this will show the traffic utilization graph for the selected application for IN and OUT direction with the list of interfaces utilizing this application in descending order. You can view the utilization report for an application for different time period by click on  .




    You can drill down the Interfaces by select the Grid view by clicking on the radio button at the top of the widget and can view the conversation for that particular application from the selected interface.